Usiminas invests in Solar Energy market



The company extends its range of activities by providing metallic structures to be used in photovoltaic panels, which convert solar radiation into electricity

Usiminas takes another step in its strategy of offering differentiated products and services and, attentive to evolution of the Brazilian energy market, becomes one of the precursors in the supply of metal structures for the solar energy segment in the country. Through “Soluções Usiminas” – a company of the group dedicated to the processing and distribution of steel produced by Usiminas – the company manufactures profiles and galvanized tubes for photovoltaic applications. “Soluções Usiminas” manufactured the tracking and support kits for trackers installed in the first solar park in Brazil, located in the countryside of Bahia.

The work in synergy between Usiminas and “Soluções Usiminas” brings technical gains, optimization of costs and agility to the process, offering the entire solution from the definition of the project and the purchase of steel until the delivery of products to the customers. For Ascanio Merrighi, “Soluções Usiminas” CEO, entering this segment opens up new business possibilities for the company. “We compete with a differentiated product that positions us further in the steelmaking value chain. This is an inevitable path and it is this differentiation that should be our focus on various businesses”, says the CEO.

“Soluções Usiminas” is prepared to meet this demand and able to offer products according to the customers' needs, ready to be installed and delivered within the specified time.

The line of products focused on the solar energy market includes galvanized steel pipes and profiles, developed from materials produced at Ipatinga Plant (MG). “We are diversifying our operations and contributing to the expansion of sustainable energy production in the country. This is a great encouragement to our business and an opportunity to develop solutions for companies from different segments”, says Hector Aguilera, commercial director of “Soluções Usiminas”.


The work developed by “Soluções Usiminas” has positively impacted the results of the group, as shown by the latest balance sheet released by Usiminas. In the first quarter of 2017, the company recorded an EBITDA of R$ 37 million, against R$ 9 million reported in the fourth quarter of 2016 and R$ 3 million in the first quarter of last year. In 2016, “Soluções Usiminas” achieved a net revenue of R$ 1.9 billion. The company currently operates eight units in five states and has the capacity to process two million tons of steel per year.

About Usiminas

Usiminas is the leader in the Brazilian flat steel market and one of the largest steel complexes in Latin America. The company has industrial and logistic units located in six states in the country and is present throughout the steelmaking chain – from the Ore extraction, through the production of steel until its transformation into products and capital goods customized for the market. Today, it has the largest and most innovative Center for Research and Development in steelmaking in Latin America. The progress recorded by the steelmaker in recent years guarantees innovation, technology and quality in all production lines, and allows the company to offer a diversified portfolio to the market, highlighting products and services with high added value. Due to its environmental management, Usiminas was the second steelmaking company in the world certified with ISO14001, generating higher productivity with lower consumption. The company also contributes to the development of the communities where it operates, through Usiminas Cultural Institute and São Francisco Xavier Foundation, offering projects in the areas of health, education and culture. Usiminas shares are traded on the stock market exchanges of São Paulo, New York (ADR level I) and Madrid.

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