Usiminas is Highlight Player among the winners of the 2012 Transparency Prize


For the first time, Usiminas was recognized as a Highlight Player among the 20 winners of the 2012 Transparency Prize promoted by Anefac (Brazil’s National Association of Finance, Accounting and Administration Executives). Among the selection criteria are quality, consistency and transparency of the financial statements published by the company.

According to Ronald Seckelmann, Usiminas vice-president for Finance and Investors Relations, the presence of Usiminas as a highlight in transparency corroborates its commitment to and is a recognition of the quality of its financial statements. “We believe that being among the selected companies further enhances Usiminas’ image of dependability toward its shareholders, potential investors, customers, financial institutions, employees, governments and the society at large. Transparency is not just a quality, but rather a core corporate governance requirement.”

The Transparency Prize was created by Anefac in 1997 with an aim to recognize the best corporate governance practices in the financial field. For the 2012 edition, the entity reviewed 2,000 balance sheets of both private and publicly traded Brazilian companies.

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