Usiminas recognizes Socioenvironmental actions with the “Mobiliza Valley’s Pathways” Award


The event featured the delivery of awards and cash prizes as an incentive to projects developed in local municipalities that are partners of the project

The innovative and sustainable initiatives of municipalities, students, teachers, schools and community institutions were recognized on the night of December 13, at the Zélia Olguin Theater, in the first edition of “Usiminas Mobiliza Valley Paths Award”. The tribute was directed to projects that have contributed to the results of the program with the same name, developed by Usiminas, together with the “Steel Valley” Association of Municipalities (AMVA), since 2015.

More than 100 projects were enrolled, of which 23 were selected among the finalists, announced at the event. Five initiatives competed in the categories Highlight Municipality, Highlight Academic – Teacher, Pre Academic – Project, Innovative and Sustainable Solutions and three in the Highlight Academic – Student category. The prize pool of R$ 40,000 was distributed among the big winners of each category.

The director of Ipatinga Plant, Roberto Maia, presented the award giving ceremony and talked about the importance of the project. “Our work using steel aggregate (slag and steel scarp) has promoted a great mobilization of people and several fronts of action. We still have many opportunities to expand even further, go beyond with our partners. Our future is promising. All we have to do is create the conditions for everyone, like the students we reward today, so that more people can contribute with solutions to our communities”, he said.

“The award in two categories won by our school goes beyond the financial value received, even if it is important. Recognition becomes the motivation, the desire of the school to do more, the engagement of teachers and students. It represents a lot to a vulnerable community, which is seeing its name recognized positively. The prize will also help in the expansion of the project that we started at school, to take advantage of water eliminated by air conditioning. 30 years ago it was crazy to imagine that water could end. Today is different; it has become the duty of educators and families, institutions to think about the issue and the future generations”, says director Rita Beatriz Alves da Silva, from the Chirlene Cristina Pereira municipal school in Ipatinga.

The evening was also marked by the celebration of the program results which in 2019 will have 54 municipalities involved in the entire region of Steel Valley and surrounding areas. AMVA, Usiminas' partner in the project, has reinforced the benefits shared by thousands of people. “I thank Usiminas for its partnership in this successful project. With simplicity and without the need for large financial investments, this initiative has brought many benefits to our communities and the rural people know the impact this has had on their lives”, said Ailton Silveira, president of AMVA and Mayor of “Entre Folhas” municipality.

Academic Highlight – Student

1st Place: Flávia Alessandra Gonçalves Farias – “Manoel Machado” State School – Ipaba

2nd Place: Arthur Francisco da Costa, – “Chirlene Cristina Pereira” Municipal School – Ipatinga

3rd Place: Artur Vinícius da Silva Paul – “Dr. Gomes Lima” Municipal School – Dionísio

Academic Highlight – Teacher

Elizângela Martins Andrade – Teacher at “Araripe Junior” Municipal School

Córrego do Sabiá – Brejaubinha Community / Governador Valadares

Pre Academic – Project

“Chirlene Cristina Pereira” Municipal School – Ipatinga

Innovative solutions
Municipality of Dionísio, in partnership with Dionísio Rural Association

Municipality Highlight
“Entre Folhas” municipality

About the “Usiminas Mobiliza through Valley's Pathways”
Developed about three years ago by Usiminas with the support of the Steel Valley Municipalities Association (AMVA), the program allocates steel aggregate (slag and steel scarp) – from the Steelmaking production process with high wear resistance, for the paving of rural roads in the region. In exchange for the donation of the product by Usiminas, the participating municipalities are committed to the development of socio-environmental programs in favor of communities and the recovery of watercourses. Among other results, the program has already secured the mapping and revitalization of 1,445 water springs in the Steel Valley region and the recovery of 1,339 kilometers of rural roads.

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