What is the questionnaire for?Should I forward a document for qualification?After completing the pre-registration form, can I supply Usiminas right away?

General Questions and Important Tips

I am not getting the emails from UsiminasBe sure not to respond to requests for quotation in the last minuteMake sure the quotation was sent correctlyVisit often the Purchasing Portal in order not to lose any requests for quotationQuestions regarding payment of Bills

Usiminas Purchasing Portal

I can't browse in Usiminas Purchasing PortalWhat are the services offered by the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas?What are the benefits for suppliers to use the services of the Portal?How is the security in data transactions in the Purchasing Portal?Who can be registered in the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas? How do I register in the Purchasing Portal? I have access to the new Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS and I'm not getting notifications and announcements from Usiminas. What do I do?I forgot my acces password to the new Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS. What do I do?I forgot my "User". What to do?How do I see if I have a new request / invitation for my company?When I am invited to a request and the material being quoted is not a matter of my company, how should I proceed in the quotation?What value should I put in the "Base Price" field in the request for materials? And the "ICMS and IPI" fields?What is the value I should put in the "Price" field in quotation services? And in the attributes field?I sent my bid incorrectly. Can I send another?How can I make sure that I sent my quote?How should I proceed if my Monitor Live Auction is not upgrading the screen of the auction?How should I proceed if accessing the "Monitor Live Auction" returns a blank screen?How should I proceed if you are not getting all the information from the "Monitor Live Auction"?Can I attach a file or write to the purchaser a proposal of Materials or Services?Who sets the price and deadline for suppliers to be invited to the request for quotation?How can I contact the Purchaser requesting the quotation?What is the Collaboration Room?How do I ask questions about the material to be quoted or service to be provided, that is, the specification / scope?I have questions about filing a request for quotation on the portal. How and with whom do I clear them?What is the number of the call center?

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