Pre-registration of the company carries a validity of 06 (six) months and does not oblige the parties under any circumstances. It is up to the Usiminas companies, solely and exclusively, according to its criteria, to approve or not Pre-registration made by the interested company.

On this occasion, if it is deemed necessary, the Usiminas companies may request the company that does pre-registration to supply additional information and documents.

Once approved, the company will be included in the supplier base of Usiminas companies.

The non-approval of the pre-registered company by Usiminas companies does not require a formal reply, and is the sole, exclusive option of Usiminas companies, at their criteria, to supply information about the stage of the process.

To start the process of pre-registration, read the “orientation” on the next page.

It is extremely important that the interested company follow the instructions on filling out the pre-registration so as not to have any doubts. This orientation is divided into three (03) stages:

Step 1:
After pre-registration is done, a link will be sent to the registered e-mail with a questionnaire to complement the information supplied.

Step 2:
As a matter of security, the total response time of the pre-registration questionnaire is 20 (twenty) minutes. Usiminas Companies recommend reading the questions that should be answered before starting the filling out process. Click here and see the questionnaire!

Step 3:
After filling out and sending the pre-registration, the interested companies should send all scanned obligatory documentation to address:

Obligatory documentation: 

  • Proof of TIN (taxpayer identification number) of the company as tax / financial regulations of the country of origin;
  • Bank data: formal declaration of the bank confirming the existence and the holder of the bank account;
  • Current Document Constitution of the Company , showing its partners/directors;
  • Certificate copies – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 and others (if available).

Documentation to be presented, when requested by Usiminas Companies:

  • Declaration referring to the presence of Dangerous Substances in its materials (in compliance with RoHS / ELV requirements).
  • Annual balance sheets from last 3 years;
  • Others

After reading all the instructions, click here, to continue the registration.

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