To work on a product, shape it with excellence and transform it into value for the market. To invest your career in Usiminas group means to be open to all possibilities that a company which values ​​innovation can offer. It is being prepared to learn and bring new ideas to achieve challenging goals, and continuously contribute to the improvement of processes and products. Is to be part of a project where excellence is everywhere; not only as a goal but also as a means.



By following this path, Usiminas Group develops training programs, allowing a career development and boosting talents, to overcome challenges in an environment of cooperation and meritocracy, always in tune with the market trends. This is our commitment.

At the base of everything, there is a group determined to seek productivity and develop its expertise as a team. A team, who gathers knowledge and experience and makes steel into the raw material for the great industrial vocation of the Country, after all, Usiminas Group, is present in the whole steelmaking chain; more than that, it is present wherever Brazil develops.


Centro de Controle

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