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Crude steel productions grows 1.1% in January

The Brazilian crude steel output totaled 2.8 million tonnes in January 2013, up 1.1% from the equivalent month in 2012. The rolled steel production, for its turn, rose 1.6% to 2.0 million tonnes in January 2013 versus last year’s January. As far as domestic sales are concerned, the volume amounted to 1.8 million tonnes in […]


Crude Steel production falls 0.4% in September, IABr

The Brazilian steelmakers kept their crude steel production virtually unchanged in September this year, with just 0.4% reduction when compared to September 2011. The output reached 2.847 million tonnes in 2012 against 2.859 million tonnes in the previous year. As far as flat steels are concerned, the production grew 10% from 1.15 million tonnes to […]


Produção brasileira de aço bruto recua 4,1% em julho, diz IABr

Following a decline in June, Brazil’s crude steel production dropped again in July 2012. The output of 3 million tonnes in the seventh month of 2012 represents a 4.1% decrease from 3.128 million tonnes in last year’s same period. Lower value-added steels were a highlight on the downside, with the semi-finished steels falling 32.3%, whereas […]


Brazil’s steel production dropped in April, IABr says

The Brazilian steel mills produced less crude steel in April 2012 when compared to April 2011, with a 1.2% decrease from 3.065 million tonnes to 3.028 million tonnes. Taking the same comparison period, the overall rolled steel product output remained stable, but the flat steel output declined 3.4%. The production kept the pace with the […]


Brazilian steel production grows 2.4% in the first quarter 2012

The Brazilian crude steel production totaled 8.7 million tonnes in the first three months of 2012, up 2.4% from the 8.5 million tonnes in last year’s equivalent period. The rolled steel output increased 3% on the same comparison basis. Notwithstanding the production growth, the rolled steel sales to the local market did not follow the […]


World steel production rises in February, WAS says

Following a decline in January, the world crude steel production grew 1.9% in February 2012 when compared to the same month in 2011. The steelmakers from the 59 countries included in the survey produced 119 million tonnes in February. This survey by the World Steel Association covers 97% of the world’s steel producers. China answered for 47% […]


Crude steel output grew in February, but mill’s shipments dropped, IABr reports

The crude steel production by the Brazilian steel mills totaled 2.8 million tonnes in February 2012, up 3.4% from the 2.6 million tonnes produced in the equivalent period in 2011. However, shipments to domestic costumers slid 2.8% to 1.7 million tonnes in the same comparison basis. These figures were released by Instituto Aço Brasil (IABr). February’s […]


World crude steel production drops in January

The world crude steel output reached 116.7 million tonnes in January this year, an 8.9% decline from the same period in 2011. China remains as the leading producer, with 52.1 million tonnes of crude steel in January, according to figures disclosed by the World Steel Association. Japan, the world’s second largest steel producer, produced 8.6 […]


Crude steel production totals 2.8 million tonnes in January, according to the Brazilian Steel Institute

The Brazilian crude steel output reached 2.8 million tonnes in January, up 0.6% from the equivalent period in 2011. As far as rolled steel products are concerned, the output totaled 2 million tonnes, down 0.6% from last year’s same month. The statistics were disclosed today (February 17) by IABr (the Brazilian Steel Institute). The domestic sales […]