Usiminas Mecânica will manufacture and assemble bridge in Maranhão


Project on the “Pericumã” River will require high engineering requirements and will have experience of the Capital Goods
company on large bridges in Brazil and worldwide


Usiminas Mecânica is taking part in another outstanding project in the country, now with the manufacture and assembly of steel beams for a new road bridge in Maranhão. The construction, over the “Pericumã” River, will be more than half a kilometer long and will shorten the distance from 13 municipalities in the “Baixada Maranhense” region to the “Cujupe” port terminal, as well as the state’s countryside access to the capital São Luís. The parts will be manufactured at Ipatinga plant and sent to the Northeastern state where a construction site will also be installed for the assembly service.

Hired by the consortium Epeng and FN welding, Usiminas Mecânica is responsible for the engineering detailing of the design in the part of metal structures, supplying the steel coils for the pillars, manufacturing of the beams, transportation and assembly of the bridge on site. “It was a closed deal thanks to our technical ability recognized by the client. We are competitive in this segment of bridges, as we can manufacture almost everything in automatic welding machine and rely on Usiminas in the steel supply. In addition, we present a complete and more efficient solution for the assembly in relation to the other competitors in this project”, says sales manager, Fabio Bomfim Medeiros.

The bridge will have a mixed structure, made up of concrete and steel. The first stringer beams will be dispatched by the Ipatinga Plant in January 2018. “Usiminas will produce 1,575 tons of USI SAC 350 steel to be used on the project, a product with high mechanical resistance and atmospheric corrosion. These are beams for 14 spans of 42 meters each, with height that allows the passage of boats in navigation by the river”, details project manager, Ronaldo Alves de Freitas. Also included in this product load there are 400 tons of steel in coils for the so-called metal foundry liners.

The presence of Usiminas Mecânica in another project of high complexity of engineering adds to its history of construction of great bridges over rivers in Brazil.

Employment Generation

The installation of the construction site will begin in November of this year, with completion of the service scheduled for July 2018. For this period, it is estimated the generation of 60 jobs, with about 40% of them taken by local workforce. The remaining must be hired in Ipatinga, adding to the base of the General Assembly Management of Usiminas Mecânica.

Project Expected

The bridge over the “Pericumã” River has been claimed for more than 40 years to facilitate access from the municipality of “Central do Maranhão” to “Bequimão”. With 589 meters of extension, the new route will allow the reduction of up to 70 km of the current route between the countryside cities and the capital São Luís.

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