Leaders ready to embark on Usiminas future


This Wednesday, September 6, the 382 leaders of all Usiminas companies were gathered through a videoconference to launch the Leadership Development Trail. The initiative is focused on the training and development of our managers, who will act as great motivators and encourage the work of their teams.

CEO Sergio Leite opened the meeting and stressed how important leaderships are in this new moment lived by Usiminas. He pointed out that after going through the period when our main focus was a short-term strategy for results generation, we are now back at our market repositioning and we are also taking care of our main strength: people.

“Leadership Development Trail is Usiminas' first strategic
project of the future, launched after the turbulent period
we have been through. Leaders make the company
move; have the ability to mobilize the company, so
they will be ahead building this new moment”.
Sergio Leite

This is one of the initiatives carried out today at Usiminas, which will transform the history of the company, as stated by Luís Márcio Araújo Ramos, Director of Organizational Development and People Management. According to him, the Trail will encourage managers to rescue and align the company's intentions, to be innovative, to engage teams, to optimize processes and keep what we have best, changing what is needed. The result will be reflected throughout Usiminas.

“We need to be open to change, to
innovation, to dare more in order
to seek differentiated results”.
Luís Márcio

Dom Cabral Foundation
The great partner in the execution of this project is Dom Cabral Foundation, a renowned institution of executive education which occupies the 12th place in the general ranking of the British newspaper “Financial Times”, responsible for classifying the best business schools in the world.

“The Leadership Development Trail” will be held over the next three years and will involve everything from coordinators to the board. They will meet periodically in workshops to develop practices that will align with the company's strategic drivers. The result of the program will bring positive impacts not only to leaders, but to all teams, of all Usiminas companies.

“Our Steel is You”
This is another initiative aimed at valuing our employees, one of Usiminas main pillars, alongside with results and customers.

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