Usiminas promotes a series of actions on Steel Valley to celebrate company anniversary


The date was marked by community meetings and a festive event at the Cultural Center

Last Tuesday night (31) marked the highlight of Usiminas 55th operation anniversary, with an event held at Usiminas Cultural Center, which hosted hundreds of people who are part of the company's history. Usiminas Board of Directors, as well as representatives of the Executive Committee and the company's main shareholders, integrated with public authorities, businessmen, class entities, members of the organized civil society, employees and various segments of the community, for a night that marked lighting the flame of a new phase in the company's history. The moment closed a broad agenda in the city of Ipatinga and other anniversary celebrations.

The night was rocked by the show of singer Danni Carlos and marked by the message of CEO Sergio Leite. He highlighted Usiminas history in the last decades and the company's recent positive financial results over the past twelve months. Sergio Leite also made optimistic projections regarding the future of the company. In an outstanding part of the ceremony, Usiminas leaders and guests from the local community went on stage to symbolically ignite a flame in reference to the Plant's start-up in 1958 setting out the journey to the future.

“Today we are going to light up the flame for the next 50 years in which we will jointly walk the future path of Usiminas, uniting our three forces: Brazilians, Japanese and Italian-Argentinians. Dreams, hard work and dedication have brought us here. Dreams, hard work and dedication will lead us to a promising future”.
Sergio Leite


Two tributes stood out in the evening with the presentation of the sculpture “Steel Partnership”, received by the widow of former president Rinaldo Campos Soares, Mrs. Conceição Soares, and by Ademar de Carvalho Filho, on behalf of his father, former Usiminas president, Ademar de Carvalho.

“Being here today means a lot to all us who truly believe in Usiminas and we hope in our hearts that the company may grow once again. The Community needs a strong company, the Steel Valley has become accustomed to a great Usiminas, and we hope that Usiminas will return to its rightful place. ”
Mrs. Conceição Soares

The mayor of Ipatinga, Sebastião Quintão was also present at the Cultural Center ceremony. He recalled that “Usiminas is a milestone in the history of the region, responsible for the growth of Steel Valley. Usiminas progress has provided financial and economic independence for thousands of families, directly or indirectly, like mine. With a well selected human material, the company has brought us the culture of work, technology, knowledge, quality and others that have made our city stand out”.

The mayor of Ipatinga, Sebastião Quintão was also present at the Cultural Center ceremony. He recalled that “Usiminas is a milestone in the history of the region, responsible for its growth. Usiminas progress has provided financial and economic independence to thousands of families, directly or indirectly, like mine. With a well selected human material, the company has brought us the culture of work, technology, knowledge, quality and others that have made our city stand out”.

Community Meetings

On October 31st Usiminas Board of Directors made a series of visits to entities in the Steel Valley region together with members of the Executive Committee. At that time, Usiminas CEO, Sergio Leite, along with other executives, took part on a breakfast at the AMVA (Association of Municipalities of the Steel Valley), with the presence of several mayors of the region. During the meeting, the award granted by the Word Steel Association was celebrated, one of the largest industrial associations in the world with headquarters in Belgium, for the project “Caminhos do Vale” (Valley Pathways).

According to Sergio Leite, “Usiminas has, historically, a socio-environmental responsibility and this award reinforces our commitment to life, with our planet”. “I would like to share with you this achievement that shows the importance and presence of Usiminas in the international arena”, said the company's CEO during the AMVA meeting. For the president of the Association, Ailton Silveira, “Valley Pathways is yet another proof that the company walks side by side with the municipalities. Using blast furnace slag from the steelmaking process as a product for paving roads is a great idea that has brought gains to our cities bringing more accessibility to the residents and improvements to our environment.

On that same day, the Board visited APIRVA (Steel Valley Association of Carriers of Renal Insufficiency), in “Bela Vista” district, Ipatinga, where a contract was signed for the assignment of property by Usiminas, under a lending regime, for use by the entity. “We started in a small room and today we have these two houses. I thank the volunteers who give themselves tirelessly to this project, to the Consul, to São Francisco Xavier Foundation through Márcio Cunha Hospital and Usiminas, which is and always will be the reference of everything to our city. Therefore, we wish the best for the company”, says Marisa Neves Rosa, president of the Association.

The Board's agenda in the Steel Valley also included meetings with SICOOB (Brazilian Credit Union System) and members of the Itabira-Coronel Fabriciano Diocese to formalize the donation of two churches to the institution. For Archbishop Dom Marco Aurélio Gubiotti, Usiminas has supported the diocese since its foundation: “We thank Usiminas for its historic help in our diocese. We are happy to accompany the strengthening of the company and we ask God to always bless you, as the success of Usiminas focuses on the families who live in this region”.

Also on the 31st, Steel Valley press professionals were received exclusively on a visit to Ipatinga Plant and Usiminas Mecânica. They had the opportunity to get to know the Research Center, Hot Rolling and Unigal. At the end of the morning, they participated in a lunch with the company´s Board of Directors and other Usiminas subsidiaries – Soluções Usiminas, Mineração Usiminas and Usiminas Mecânica.

Acknowledged Partnership

Still as part of the agenda around Usiminas' 55th anniversary in Steel Valley, on the night of October 30, CEO Sergio Leite received the “Tigrão de Aço” (Steel Tiger) trophy, a tribute from “Ipatinga Futebol Clube” to the company's partnership with Club. The same recognition was also awarded to the corporate director of Organizational Development and People Management, Luís Márcio Ramos, and to the employee representative on Usiminas' Executive Committee, Luiz Carlos Miranda.

Open Doors

During the week of Usiminas' 55th anniversary, employees and family members of the company were also welcomed at the “Open Doors”. The event, held on Sunday morning (29), had two walks, one at Ipatinga Plant, with 1,500 people present, and another at Usiminas Mecânica with 400 participants. It was an opportunity for the community to visit the industrial area of both companies and to get to know the environment where thousands of people from the Steel Valley community work.


“Usiminas is a differentiated company because it has a commitment to health and other human causes. We can see this in the results of São Francisco Xavier Foundation work. It produces steel and happy people, it´s a company partner, different from many others since its foundation and it is recognized everywhere”. Father Geraldo Ildeu Franco, parish Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cariru district (Ipatinga).

“Few companies in this country have managed to reach this age with the size and solidity of Usiminas. For us, it is a proud occasion to celebrate these 55 years, during which it contributed to transform the whole region. “Fiemg” helped bring the company to Ipatinga, so it shares and congratulates Usiminas on its anniversary”. Luciano Araújo, president of Fiemg Steel Valley.

“This celebration is very important, especially after the company has had a very difficult time, which has been overcome with much work by allof us. We mark here a restart, the resumption of results. The Executive Committee supports and believes in all these initiatives and believes that we are on a trajectory of consolidating this process. “Elias Brito, Chairman of Usiminas Executive Committee.

“It's a very special time of a great company, especially after overcoming difficult times. The merit is enormous, the presidency, the board of directors and all Usiminas employees. There is a promising future for Usiminas, as we also hope that the economic situation improves and everything that has been planted here should be fruitful with more vigor”. Marco Polo Lopes, president of Brazil Steel Institute.

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