Cubatão Industries promote training in social, sports and cultural projects


Qualify the communities and entities of Cubatão to develop projects, fundraising and relationship with the private initiative and the public power. With these purposes, the Industrial Pole industries, represented by the Center for Integration and Business Development (Cide), started the first Training in Project Development in the city at the end of October.

“The Training in Project Development is another commitment of the Industry with Cubatão Agenda 21. It is a great step for the development of Education and Qualification in the communities and notoriety of their projects”, adds “Cide” manager, Valmir Ramos Ruiz.

Usiminas and Usiminas Cultural Institute are supporting the initiative. Last Thursday, 30 participants took part in the Communication module: social media, press office and use of WhatsApp carried out by the Corporate Communication area. At the end of the month, the group will have the module of Fundraising and Relationship Management, conducted by the Cultural Institute.

The director of Usiminas Cultural Institute, Penelope Portugal, highlights the importance of offering training so that new projects are developed for the benefit of the community. “The initiative is extremely important, as the design of projects is fundamental to carry out initiatives that bring culture, sport and social development to the community and stimulate local economy”, she says.

For the Coordinator of the Consultative Community Council (CCC) of Cubatão Industrial Hub, Helga Vieira, the course promotes the synergy between representatives of communities, industries, entities and public power. “The course's purpose is to empower people who can turn ideas into well-executed and monitored projects, focusing on the common benefit. This action confirms the potential of Cubatão to promote change in a cohesive and articulated way”. 

Cubatão Industries action also meets a wish of the City Hall. In March this year, during presentation of the Cultural Institute's actions, Mayor Ademário Oliveira stressed that Training would be a great incentive to culture and sports. “We have a range of artists, groups and projects that, with good orientation, will be able to raise funds from companies, stimulating the sociocultural development of Cubatão”, he said at the time.


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