“São Francisco Xavier” Foundation reopens Cubatão Hospital


Restructuring and modernization of the facility strengthen commitment to the community of Cubatão and surrounding areas

“São Francisco Xavier Foundation” (FSFX), the social arm of Usiminas in the areas of health and education, and Cubatão City Hall delivered on December 1st 2017, the first stage of the project to reopen Cubatão Hospital (“Dr. Luiz Camargo da Fonseca e Silva”), which was closed since July 2016. Altogether, more than R$ 9 million will be invested, benefitting 419 thousand inhabitants of “Baixada Santista”. Among the investments already completed (R$ 6 million), hospital medium complexity services stand out, 75 beds for the public health system in Brazil – SUS (Unified Health System), Maternity, Surgical Center and Intensive Care Unit (ICU). By the end of the month, another 50 beds will be delivered for private medical insurance plans.

“It is a great victory for the entire population of Cubatão city, in addition to an important boost in the public health system of the region. The Hospital was abandoned and without the minimum conditions to offer decent care to those who need it most. It was hard work, one of our biggest challenges. But it was worth every minute dedicated”, says Mayor Ademário Oliveira.

The second stage of the project, scheduled to be completed in 2018, includes the renovation of the old theater that will be integrated into the hospital complex, increasing the physical space, enabling the implementation of high complexity services: hyperbaric medicine, hemodialysis and chemotherapy. In addition to the health benefits of the region, the reopening of the Hospital will allow the generation of 560 new direct jobs, in addition to 80 doctors who integrate the medical staff in 25 medical specialties.

“A new time begins for Cubatão Hospital. The investments are a significant milestone of excellence and commitment to the health of “Baixada Santista” community. We want to expand the offer of treatments and improve the quality of care provided to “SUS” public health system patients as well as private health insurance plans”, says executive director of “São Francisco Xavier” Foundation, Luís Márcio Araújo Ramos.

According to Usiminas CEO Sergio Leite, the company has not only established FSFX, but has also become its main customer in the area of health services. “From this partnership, FSFX has been able to develop and make investments capable of expanding the reach of its action in the community. This is an example of economically sustainable social action, which expresses Usiminas commitment to contribute to social and economic development of the communities where it is present”.

Infrastructure improvements

The first stage the project included adjustments and adaptations of the hospital structure, three levels seeking to meet the requirements of Sanitary Surveillance and regulatory standards. In addition to the 7,500 m² painting, the electrical network has been reconditioned, with revision of electrical panels and transformers, exchange of circuit breakers, sockets and lamps, besides the installation of all cables.

On the ground floor, the reception desk has been completely redesigned in order to ensure a more pleasant and comfortable space. It counts on the screening of pregnant women, with the purpose of promoting a more qualified, organized and humanized care, through risk classification. The structure also makes available other services on the first floor such as: Diagnostic Center (mammography, ultrasound and X-ray), Nutrition and Dietetics, Laundry, Warehouse and administrative rooms.

The São Francisco Xavier Foundation

The “São Francisco Xavier Foundation” (FSFX) was established by Usiminas to manage its infrastructure projects in health and education. Acting since 1969, it promotes services in the eastern region of Minas Gerais. “FSFX” has managed Márcio Cunha Hospital for more than 50 years, which currently has 543 beds in two units, and a third unit, exclusive for the treatment of cancer patients, being a reference for approximately 800 thousand inhabitants in more than 35 municipalities in the East of Minas Gerais. In 2016, the Foundation assumed the management of Carlos Chagas Municipal Hospital, in Itabira.     It also has 4 other business units: São Francisco Xavier Highschool, Usisaúde Health Insurance Plan Operator, Integrated Dentistry Center and Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Service – Vita. Social responsibility, entrepreneurship and planning are the basic principles that guide the institution's performance, which is recognized by the National Council of Social Assistance of the Ministry of Social Security and Social Assistance as a Benefit and Social Assistance Entity.

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