Usiminas settles payment of another tranche of its debt redemption



Usiminas made an advance payment of another part of its debt redemption on Thursday (03/15). Due to the good results achieved in 2017, the company amortized R$ 378.8 million of its debt to Brazilian, Japanese and debenture banks, as agreed in a negotiation held in September 2016.

On that occasion, Usiminas committed to start amortizing its debt in September 2019, but it began the process in December last year, anticipating in almost two years the start of the discharge.

After payments made today, in January 2018 and December 2017, the company's debt falls from R$ 6.7 billion to about R$ 5.7 billion. Usiminas thus overcomes another important stage of its financial restructuring, which will allow the continuity of generating sustainable results.

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