Usiminas Mecânica makes donations of furniture, appliances and computers to social entities


Usiminas Mecânica, in association with “Usiminas Cultural Institute”, held a social event on Thursday afternoon (March 22) which benefited 55 entities located in the Steel Valley region with donations of furniture, appliances and computers. The employees of the companies had the opportunity to indicate the institutions that were contemplated.

All assets donated were used before by Usiminas Mecânica in construction sites and offices, among which are computers, stoves, refrigerators, mattresses and washing machines. The participating entities were met according to the need presented by each one of them, with more than 6,400 people benefiting from the donations.

The company's CEO, Heitor Takaki, mentioned Usiminas Mecânica's concern to be close to the communities where it operates. “We are always focused on results and challenges of Usiminas Mecânica, but it is also our responsibility to be attentive to the needs of the communities where we operate and to meet their demands within our possibilities, it is part of our social commitment. We were very happy to be able to help so many entities”, says Takaki.

The entities were identified and indicated by Usiminas Mecânica employees who often act as volunteers and know the reality of such institutions. “We are pleased with the collaboration of our team. We know that this action will make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and will help the entities to improve the work offered”, says Penelope Portugal, director of “Usiminas Cultural Institute”.

Administrative coordinator of the Charitable Association “Prossiga” from Ipatinga, José Elias de Souza Junior, said that the initiative was of great importance. “Today “Prossiga” does not have the necessary resources to acquire these assets and we are now meeting our needs with this wonderful initiative from Usiminas Mecânica by donating these assets.”

“This donation adds up efforts with our institution to improve our condition of looking after our children”, says Maria das Graças Valentim, managing director of “Santa Terezinha de Timóteo” Community Nursery.

Fifty-five entities were contemplated within the cities of Belo Oriente, Córrego Novo, Coronel Fabriciano, Ipaba, Ipatinga, Pingo d'Água, Santana do Paraiso and Timóteo. The institutions received computers (145), TV sets (85), mattresses (65), chairs (46), shorts (42), refrigerators (33), cabinets (32), stoves (30), among others, totaling 567 items donated.

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