Usiminas Mecânica constantly invests in technological resources of engineering, fabrication and assembly, supplying bridges, viaducts and overpasses from basic concept to launching and field assembly.

With great experience in Brazil and abroad over the last 40 years, the company is prepared to meet the most diverse and bold architectural projects. For many years now, bridges and viaducts produced by Usiminas Mecânica have become a part of the daily lives of Brazilians.

Market leader

With technology, involvement, knowhow and experience, jobs by Usiminas Mecânica offer important differential for the sector:

  • Economy in foundation, since the weight of the works is significantly reduced, as they use high strength, corrosion resistant steel.
  • Product fabrication in an industrialized environment, provided with cutting edge technology and human resources, assuring high quality in execution and strict conformity to specifications and applicable technical norms;
  • Field works, which occur in a reduced, organized worksite, with attacking the environment, without refuse, with excess materials and/or heavy vehicle traffic, characteristics of methods adopted for launching and final assembly of metallic bridges and viaducts;
  • Speed in implantation and readiness for users.


Usiminas Mecânica possesses the tradition of more than four decades as a manufacturer and assembler of metallic structures. The company’s operation in projects of all sizes is recognized by its quality, technological rigor and credibility.

The company believes in the proximity between customer and supplier. For it, each project is unique. For this reason, all customers have individualized, customized service.

Special Care

The entire production process of the company is performed with cutting edge technology, from fabrication and assembly of the products with latest generation equipment, going through an integrated engineering system, planning and programming.

Careful follow up is carried out at each stage of production, which gives it more transparency, generates trust and allows the customer quick access to all information involving the project.

The company is capable of supplying metallic structures, from project to installation, for: 

  • Buildings and industrial hangars
  • Structures for process plants
  • Structures for the offshore segment
  • Shopping malls, garages and building structures
  • Multi-story building structures

Additionally, metallic structures, fabricated with steel from the Usiminas group offer the following advantages:

  • Smaller worksite, which rationalizes the use of materials and reduces administrative cost
  • Foundation relief, which allows lighter projects and effective load reduction
  • Leveling, straightness and perfect squares, which dispense excessive correction in coating, because the metallic solution is detailed in millimeters and fabricated on latest generation automated machinery with high precision
  • Greater useful space, with more ample free clearance
  • Immediate use of stairwells, which come ready from the plant
  • Installations and utilities without improvisations, with passages for ducts defined in the project and executed at the plant
  • Shorter delivery: high construction efficiency, which provides time and materials savings in all construction phases
  • Anticipated occupation, which assures greater return on invested capital.

With the objective of aggregating value to the steel and promoting greater competitive condition for its customers, the Blanking area at Usiminas Mecânica follows the evolution and market trends, meeting delivery, quality and services follow up requirements and adapting itself.

Its highly qualified technical team and the best software, machinery and equipment allow Usiminas Mecânica to be apt to meet the strictest technical requirements demanded by the metal, mechanical, shipbuilding oil and gas, wind power, energy, machinery and implements industries.

Its fabrication plants are strategically located in the cities Ipatinga, MG and Cubatão, SP, with easy access to the highway, railway and hydro transport modes.

Thanks to latest generation equipment, the fabrication facilities have an installed capacity to process 17 thousand tons per month in cutting services (oxicutting, plasma and laser) and of execution of 400 m2 per month of sandblasting and application of primer on steel plates by means of automated processes that promote agility and guarantee of the quality standard of application.

To this complex, we add high capability and technology in edge machining, bending, drilling, machining, welded subassembly, panels and naval blocks.

Technical knowhow, management capability and mobilization are the trademarks of Usiminas Mecânica in the area of large project assembly. With works executed from north to south in the country in diverse segments, the company brings the expertise of those who minutely follow up each stage of the project and adapt to the customer’s needs.

The solutions and technology developed from the joint work of fabrication and assembly position Usiminas Mecânica among the most capable companies in Brazil in the area of industrial assembly.

Safety in first place

Usiminas Mecânica’s commitment to safety has earned it 26 awards over the last ten years, conferred on it by the Consejo Interamericano de Seguridade and by ABPA – Associação Brasileira para Prevenção de Acidentes (the Brazilian Accident Prevention Association).

Here are some highlights of results achieved in terms of safety:

  • In the Hot Revamping of Coke Batteries 4 and 5 (Usiminas) 4.7 million man hours were achieved without accidents WLWT(With Loss of Work Time);
  • In the Alumar Project, there was notable participation, reaching 10 million man hours without any WLWT accident reported;
  • In the execution of Assembly of the Steel Shop 2 Expansion and Continuous Casting Machine (Usiminas), there were 6.5 million man hours without occurrence of WLWT accidents.

Diversified portfolio

In the area of Oil and Gas, the company acts in planning, electro-mechanical assembly, instrumentation and other services.

In the Mining segment, the company has experience in high complexity projects, such as that executed for the nickel plant of Onça Puma Mining and for the Fábrica Nova Mine in Ouro Preto, MG. In Energy, Usiminas Mecânica executed assembly of the top blowing turbines for the Ipatinga and Cubatão plants.

Additionally, the company has wide experience in assembly in the Steel Making area and also in the Non-Ferrous, Paper and Cellulose segments.

Usiminas Mecânica is fully qualified to produce equipment for the main national industrial segments. It offers competitive solutions, conciliating quality and adapting to the needs of each customer.

The industrial equipment area operates by market segments, with personalized service in each business area.

Learn about some differentials of Usiminas Mecânica:

  • Tradition and competence in the execution of projects with a highly qualified, trained team;
  • Consistency and reliability in all of its operations;
  • Assured quality in engineering processes, materials supply and equipment fabrication, from contract negotiations to the total conclusion of obligations assumed;
  • Technology partnerships with international class companies that allow complete supply of equipment, systems and units with guarantee of process.

Logistics and production

In addition to a production capacity of 60 thousand hours/month in Boiler making and 29 thousand hours/month in Machining, Usiminas Mecânica also has great logistics capacity.

Industrial equipment fabrication is performed at the Ipatinga plant, located close to the BR-381 highway, with access to BR-262, BR-116 and others that interconnect to the Brazilian highway system.

These characteristics make it possible for Usiminas Mecânica to ship its products by highway with up to 50 meters in length, eight meters in width and varied weights. By rail, it is possible to transport to the ports of Vitória, which have the capacity for products of 33 meters in length, three meters in width and three meters in height.

The entire process is coordinated and monitored by specialized Logistics professional, which assures the customer total reliability and safety in receiving the projects, whether in a location in Brazil or abroad.

The vocation to fabricate foundry products of all sizes with high productivity and excellent quality reinforce Usiminas Mecânica’s ability to meet all the customer’s needs.

The company is a benchmark in the production of foundry pieces for the industrial market. It has a technical support and development unit for new products with the most diverse types of equipment, sand chemistry, metallographic and non-destructive testing laboratories.

Automated Molding Line

Usiminas Mecânica has one of the largest Automated Molding Lines in Latin America. This system allows production on a large scale of non-serial pieces with the help of a high technological standard.

The production capacity is up to eight molds/hour (around two thousand tons/month), with automatic closing of the molds, a differential in the foundry market.

Usiminas Mecânica is one of the main manufacturers of railcars in Brazil and does not measure its efforts to make solutions available that are increasingly complete and customized to its customers.

To assure competitive gains, Usiminas Mecânica has bet on constant investments in its production facilities. To this end, the company relies on a dedicated, trained team to give priority to quality in several models of railcars produced to order.

The professionals of Usiminas Mecânica execute modern, customized projects with the help of the most advanced computer and technology tools. Customers have the opportunity to follow the projects through 3D drawings, structural calculations – which use finite elements analysis – and in dynamic simulations to adapt the railcar to the desired operating condition.

With capacity to manufacture up to a thousand railcars per year, Usiminas Mecânica meets international quality standards and prevailing railroad norms.