Usiminas Mecânica possesses the tradition of more than four decades as a manufacturer and assembler of metallic structures. The company’s operation in projects of all sizes is recognized by its quality, technological rigor and credibility.

The company believes in the proximity between customer and supplier. For it, each project is unique. For this reason, all customers have individualized, customized service.

Special Care

The entire production process of the company is performed with cutting edge technology, from fabrication and assembly of the products with latest generation equipment, going through an integrated engineering system, planning and programming.

Careful follow up is carried out at each stage of production, which gives it more transparency, generates trust and allows the customer quick access to all information involving the project.

The company is capable of supplying metallic structures, from project to installation, for: 

  • Buildings and industrial hangars
  • Structures for process plants
  • Structures for the offshore segment
  • Shopping malls, garages and building structures
  • Multi-story building structures

Additionally, metallic structures, fabricated with steel from the Usiminas group offer the following advantages:

  • Smaller worksite, which rationalizes the use of materials and reduces administrative cost
  • Foundation relief, which allows lighter projects and effective load reduction
  • Leveling, straightness and perfect squares, which dispense excessive correction in coating, because the metallic solution is detailed in millimeters and fabricated on latest generation automated machinery with high precision
  • Greater useful space, with more ample free clearance
  • Immediate use of stairwells, which come ready from the plant
  • Installations and utilities without improvisations, with passages for ducts defined in the project and executed at the plant
  • Shorter delivery: high construction efficiency, which provides time and materials savings in all construction phases
  • Anticipated occupation, which assures greater return on invested capital.

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