Technical knowhow, management capability and mobilization are the trademarks of Usiminas Mecânica in the area of large project assembly. With works executed from north to south in the country in diverse segments, the company brings the expertise of those who minutely follow up each stage of the project and adapt to the customer’s needs.

The solutions and technology developed from the joint work of fabrication and assembly position Usiminas Mecânica among the most capable companies in Brazil in the area of industrial assembly.

Safety in first place

Usiminas Mecânica’s commitment to safety has earned it 26 awards over the last ten years, conferred on it by the Consejo Interamericano de Seguridade and by ABPA – Associação Brasileira para Prevenção de Acidentes (the Brazilian Accident Prevention Association).

Here are some highlights of results achieved in terms of safety:

  • In the Hot Revamping of Coke Batteries 4 and 5 (Usiminas) 4.7 million man hours were achieved without accidents WLWT(With Loss of Work Time);
  • In the Alumar Project, there was notable participation, reaching 10 million man hours without any WLWT accident reported;
  • In the execution of Assembly of the Steel Shop 2 Expansion and Continuous Casting Machine (Usiminas), there were 6.5 million man hours without occurrence of WLWT accidents.

Diversified portfolio

In the area of Oil and Gas, the company acts in planning, electro-mechanical assembly, instrumentation and other services.

In the Mining segment, the company has experience in high complexity projects, such as that executed for the nickel plant of Onça Puma Mining and for the Fábrica Nova Mine in Ouro Preto, MG. In Energy, Usiminas Mecânica executed assembly of the top blowing turbines for the Ipatinga and Cubatão plants.

Additionally, the company has wide experience in assembly in the Steel Making area and also in the Non-Ferrous, Paper and Cellulose segments.

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