Usiminas Mecânica is one of the main manufacturers of railcars in Brazil and does not measure its efforts to make solutions available that are increasingly complete and customized to its customers.

To assure competitive gains, Usiminas Mecânica has bet on constant investments in its production facilities. To this end, the company relies on a dedicated, trained team to give priority to quality in several models of railcars produced to order.

The professionals of Usiminas Mecânica execute modern, customized projects with the help of the most advanced computer and technology tools. Customers have the opportunity to follow the projects through 3D drawings, structural calculations – which use finite elements analysis – and in dynamic simulations to adapt the railcar to the desired operating condition.

With capacity to manufacture up to a thousand railcars per year, Usiminas Mecânica meets international quality standards and prevailing railroad norms.

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