Operating in the capital goods and services area, Usiminas Mecânica has the strategic role of aggregating value to steel and meeting the specific demands of several industrial segments. Today, the company is a major provider of creative, innovative solutions for the steel, mining, automotive, energy, petrochemical, shipbuilding and infrastructure industries in Brazil.

With 40 years’ experience in projects of all sizes, Usiminas Mecânica is recognized for its quality, technical rigor and credibility it gives to each project. It offers complete made-to-order solutions, customizing its products and services to the specific demand of each job.

The capability of understanding and adapting to the customer’s needs makes Usiminas Mecânica also prepared to operate in new markets.

To serve its customers with excellence, the company structures itself in a way to work in an integrated fashion, from project conception to production of the parts and final assembly. At present, it is a benchmark in the fabrication on order of equipment, mechanical structures, bridges, viaducts, foundry pieces, railcars, blanks and industrial assembly.

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