Mineração Usiminas invests in the quality of its products and in respect for the environment. This guideline is an important factor in order for the company to remain capable of meeting the most rigorous requirements of the ore market with excellence.

Iron ore products are know and sold by their granulometric specification (size of the particulates). Basically three types of products are offered:

Granulated or Lump Ore

Ore of a larger size (between 32mm and 6.3mm), used directly in the blast furnaces of a steel plant for the production of pig iron.

Sinter feed

Finer ore (between 6.3mm and 0.15mm), which is agglomerated via the sintering process to allow its use by steel plant blast furnaces in the form of sinter.

Pellet feed

The finest of the three types of ore (less than 0.15mm). It is used mixed in with sinter feed or for the pelletizing process, which transform the fine ore into pellets which will be loaded into steel plant blast furnaces.


The shipment of Mineração Usiminas’ production occurs in two stages: in the first, the products are transported by trucks from the mines to the cargo terminals located in the Sarzedo and Azurita regions in the State of Minas Gerais. From there, they are sent to customers or to ports through the logistics network formed by two railways (MRS and VLI).

Two private use mixed terminals complement the structure and make feasible delivery of the products to Usiminas in Brazil and the world: the Praia Mole Private Terminal in the state of Espírito Santo, where Usiminas has a share, and the Private Maritime Port at Cubatão in the state of São Paulo.

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