Usiminas gathers leaderships to discuss Company’s future


The year 2018 has already begun, at least for the 388 managers of Usiminas. Company leaders across the country met on December 14 and 15 at “Minascentro”, Belo Horizonte, to review the 2017 results and discuss general goals and targets for 2018. During the meeting, which marked the closure of the first year Leadership Development Trail program (in a total of 3), the new vision and values, were also presented first hand, reflecting the new phase of positive and sustainable results being submitted by the company.

Usiminas Executive Board Chairman, Elias Brito, was present at the meeting and praised the moment the company is going through. “I have talked to professionals from other companies and many of them have said that 2017 is a year to be forgotten, for the entire political and economic crisis experienced. For Usiminas, on the other hand, it is a year to always be remembered for the consistent results obtained by the entire team and the beginning of the company's resumption”, he said.

The opinion was shared by company CEO Sergio Leite, who highlighted the Leaders Meeting resumption after six years and the fact that Usiminas is doing strategic planning after three years fighting for its survival. “We should be proud of all the work carried out throughout 2017. Thanks to everyone's commitment, we can go back to thinking about the future, planning the Usiminas we want to be in one, two, five, ten years”, he said. The CEO also highlighted the anticipation in almost two years of paying US$ 90 million in debt repayment. With the beginning of debt repayment, Usiminas overcomes another important stage in its financial restructuring, in order to generate sustainable results.

The year 2017 was Usiminas period of financial reversal, which came from a negative Ebitda accumulated in the 12 months ended in the second quarter of 2016 of nearly R$ 196 million to a positive Accumulated EBITDA of R$ 1.9 million in the third quarter of this year. At the same time, the company began the Blast Furnace 1 works, in Ipatinga, which is due to resume its operations in April 2018; it has generated direct jobs again and it has had its credit risk rating increased by two of the leading global agencies, Standard and Poors and Fitch.

Strategic Planning

One of the most expected points of the meeting was the presentation regarding Usiminas Multi-Year Strategic Plan. The document drafting work began last September and will carry on throughout the first quarter of 2018. In the first stage, already completed, the pillars that will sustain the company's performance over the next five years have been defined, involving topics such as security, competitiveness, human resources, customer satisfaction, investments, sustainability and innovation.

In addition to Usiminas general planning, the directors of Usiminas subsidiaries – “Usiminas Mecânica”, “Mineração Usiminas” and “Soluções Usiminas” – also outlined their scenarios and plans for next year.

Reputation and Leadership

The event also featured presentations from market professionals. The president of the “Reputation Institute Brazil”, Ana Luísa Almeida, spoke about the importance of reputation for companies. According to data obtained by the institute, Usiminas reputation grew from 58 points at the end of 2016 to 65 points in 2017, which, according to the expert, is an unusual and quite significant increase in such a short period. The current score puts Usiminas at the level of its sector in Brazil.

Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) and the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) professor, Zeca de Mello went on stage to talk about leadership and protagonism. The speaker encouraged the company's leaders to seek more authentic relationships based on trust, as well as the development of creativity and innovation. “Work is also a place for happy people”, he said.

In the end, a theatrical presentation showed, in a playful way, the importance of Usiminas values. In the sequence, the leaders were given a shirt with the new principles and posed for the closing photo of the event.

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