Usiminas wins Brazil Leaders Award



Usiminas CEO, Sergio Leite, received “Brazil Leaders” award, last Monday night (12/10) in a ceremony held in São Paulo. The company was the winner in the Mining and Metallurgy category. The award, granted annually by the “Lide Group”, acknowledges companies that have succeeded in business and were protagonists in their areas, even when facing a scenario of economic instability, such as the one experienced in Brazil over the past five years. The initiative also highlights the importance of companies and managers who seek to overcome challenges and achieve good results in their businesses every day.

“I believe that the good results achieved by Usiminas and now recognized by the award are the outcome of hard work and dedication of a team with more than 13 thousand people. In the company, there is an effort for quality, regarding the steel we produce, the parts we manufacture or the services that we render. In addition to producing high-quality steel, we seek a partnership that makes us a benchmark for customers”, said Mr. Leite.

All in all, 44 companies were recognized by management results achieved in 2018, of which 29 are from economic sectors and 15 were selected by operating region. The CEO of Multiplan Malls Network, Issac Peres, was elected Leader of the Year among the private initiative.

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