Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals

The Industrial Equipment Unit is engaged in strategic alliances with an aim to offer state-of-the-art technologies and competitive price conditions.

It supplies industrial equipment and structural components made from carbon, stainless and alloy steels, clad metals and forgings, among others, complying with the most demanding standards, such as ASME Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2, and API 650 and 620).

Highlights in this product range are:

• Petrochemical furnaces based on Petro-Chem Development Co., Inc. technology
• Spheres and vessels for pressure gas storage
• Vertical cylindrical tanks for liquid storage
• Process reactors
• Process columns
• Separators, desalinization plants
• Structural components for offshore platforms

Port Equipment

• Container cranes;
• Ship loaders and unloaders;
• Gantry cranes for the cargo handling yard.

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Petrochemical Furnace – Regap, Betim -MG

Supply of peripherals such as turbines, fans, electric Motors, valves, filters and platform, in a turn-key arrangement. Usiminas Mecânica answered also for the electromechanical erection, conditioning, tests, assisted operation and technical support.
Weight: Approx. 500 tonnes. Height: 24 meters.

Petrochemical Furnace - Petrobras

Horizontal tube type EDC Cracking Furnace, double row, dual burning, convection and stack integrated over radiation, capacity of 10.76 Gcal/hour. Radiant box type Hydrogen Reformer Furnace, roof burners, convection, balance draft, containing 40 catalytic tubes in the radiation zone, capacity of 12.07 Gcal/h (radiation) and 9.84 Gcal/h (convection).

Sphere reservoirs - Petrobras

Supply of 4 spheres for fluid GLP and C2+ / C3+, 33.85 kgf/cm²ge design pressure, 13,200 mm inside diameter. SA-516-70 steel, 73.8 mm thick. Weight: 375 tonnes each sphere. Supply of 3 spheres for fluid GLP, 17.6 kgf/cm²ge design pressure, 14,600 mm inside diameter. SA-516-70N steel, 44 mm thick. Weight: 279 tonnes each sphere.

Oil and Water Tanks - Petrobras

Supply of 5 oil and water steel tanks according to API standard. Diameter of 38 meters and height of 14 meters. Four tanks with fixed roof and one with floating roof.

Process Towers / Columns - Camargo Correa

Supply of 10 process columns with diameter ranging from 590 mm to 2,360 mm and height from 8 m to 28 m. Unit weight from 9 to 48 tonnes, without internals. SA-516-60, SA-516-70N and SA-240TP 304L steels / AISI 316L clad steel and Incoloy N08028.

Ship Loader

Supply of a Dual Line Ship Loader, 98 m long, 6x6 m cross section and total weight of 1,200 tonnes. Loading capacity: 10,000 tonnes/hour.