A Usiminas
More than steel, Usiminas offers solutions for the country’s biggest industrial challenges Have you ever stopped to think about the presence of steel in your everyday life? Whether in the car, the building, the ship, the refrigerator, solar panels, agricultural equipment, industrial machinery, wind towers or even on that magnificent oil platform, in all this there is Usiminas steel. It is present where knowledge and innovation determine the future, offering integrated, customized and complete solutions, aligned to the needs of each client. Sustainability and transformation Those who seek excellence know that the results can be shared. Therefore, Usiminas acts with sustainability and social responsibility.  Through the Fundação São Francisco Xavier, it invests in education and health. With the Usiminas Institute, it makes a difference in people’s lives, directing investments towards actions that promote access to culture, sports and citizenship in the cities where the company is present. With technology, knowledge and quality. This is how Usiminas builds the present and the future.