Entry Programs

The Young Professionals platform is Usiminas’ way of connecting with young professionals at the beginning of their careers and promoting their entry into the job market. Through development plans, practical experience and exchange of knowledge, students have the opportunity to learn and contribute to the construction of the present and future of Usiminas.

There are 3 entry formats:


Applications closed. Please wait for the next edition.

Usiminas Young Professionals | Apprentice program, prepares you to enter the job market. Our apprentices carry out professional courses which allow them to experience practice in industrial areas, promoting the exchange of knowledge with expert professionals and the development of essential behavioral skills for the future.


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Are you studying at university or technical school and want to invest in the future of your career? Usiminas has many opportunities, in different areas of activity.

In order to identify and develop future professionals, we carry out annually the Young Professionals | Internship, which consists of three modalities, besides the Bootcamp Internship.


University Internship


This is our gateway to students regularly enrolled in university courses.

The program, held annually, seeks to offer learning and practical experience to interns, complementing their academic training and opening new doors for the future.


Vacation Internship


The program is structured so that, during school breaks, interns have an experience at Usiminas industrial units.

The program promotes learning opportunities and day-to-day experience in productive areas for university students who live away from Usiminas’ facilities or for those who do not have the opportunity to engage in a regular internship. It happens during university vacations at the beginning of each year.


Technical Grade Internship Program


Our gateway for students who are currently attending technical schools or students already graduated in the theoretical part of technical courses.

With an annual basis, the program aims to prepare and develop future professionals to work in the areas of operation, through practical experience.


Bootcamp Internship Program


With an eye on the future of the organization, and connected with universities, Usiminas started “Bootcamp Hands On” in 2018.

The company presents challenges to be analyzed and worked by students from several areas and institutions during 2 days of immersion. After the event, those who have been able to show the best solutions are hired as interns and invited to develop their application project with mentoring of teachers and support from the company.


Applications for the 2020 program are closed. Please wait for the next edition.

Aimed at newly graduated students who will contribute to the transformation of Usiminas future.

The program has a two-year duration and a customized development and training plan that allows trainees to work in several areas of one of our five companies.

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