Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • How do I register with SAP Ariba and become eligible to engage in business with Usiminas?I am a Usiminas supplier already. If your company is already a registered supplier with Usiminas, you will receive an e-mail invitation to register on SAP Ariba, and you should follow the guidelines that will be informed by Usiminas.I am not a Usiminas supplier yet. Your company should access the suppliers page on Usiminas website (, follow the site’s guidelines, and access SAP Ariba registration through the link available on the page. The self-registration of your company does not represent any kind of link between the parties. Therefore, Usiminas companies may approve or not your company as a supplier, considering their registration criteria.
  • Is SAP Ariba membership mandatory?All Usiminas purchasing will be carried out by SAP Ariba. Thus, to participate in the procurement processes, participating suppliers must be registered in the platform.
  • Is there a cost for joining SAP Ariba?

    There are two types of accounts for SAP Ariba membership: Standard Account: there is no cost to the supplier. Enterprise Account: There is a cost with two types of fees: Conta standard: não possui nenhum custo para o fornecedor. Conta Enterprise: possui custo com dois tipos de taxação:

    • 1 – Subscription fee
    • 2 – Transaction fee
    Both are implemented from a trigger that takes into account the volume of incoming purchasing documents and the financial amount transacted. These criteria and values are available on the SAP Ariba website at, where the Subscription options and business account fees are described.
  • How can I get answers to my queries about SAP Ariba registration?Access Usiminas website suppliers page for the SAP Ariba registration manual and/or video.
  • What are the main advantages of having an Enterprise account in SAP Ariba for the relationship with Usiminas?Access: online control panel providing a dashboard of all documents received, with their status, in greater detail; Electronic Invoice Status: has an outbox with easy access from any browser. Ariba Support: can be done by phone, chat, or e-mail, with online training sections. Integration: enables integration of supplier’s system with Ariba Network, with the help of experts, at no additional cost. Catalogs: allows you to create and make available product catalogs to buyers. Reports: allows access to several reports with all the transactions from different customers.On the SAP Ariba website you will find additional information explaining the differences between the Standard and Enterprise accounts by following the link For further questions regarding the Ariba Network and the pricing, suppliers should contact the link
  • Who generates the purchase order? Usiminas or the supplier?The purchase order is created on Usiminas ERP and automatically migrates to your account inbox if it is an enterprise account or generates an e-mail with the interactive PO if your account is standard.
  • What should I do when the order does not appear on my account?There are several possibilities for this to happen, and the most common is the existence of other accounts. We recommend that you check internally if another account has already been created by someone within your company or contact your supplier support.
  • I don’t know what email the interactive PO is being sent to, as my account is standard.The best practice is to always to check internally if someone is receiving these e-mails, and if not, Usiminas itself can inform to which e-mail the PO was sent.
  • Usiminas orders will no longer be sent any other way than through the Ariba process?Ariba will be the official platform for sending purchase orders.
  • My Ariba Network account is an enterprise account and the “inbox” and “outbox” tabs are not showing upIt is possible that there is no relationship created with Usiminas within this account or that there is another account where this relationship was created. We suggest that you first check internally if there is another account or contact the SAP Ariba support team to learn more about what is happening.
  • Will Usiminas completely migrate to Ariba? Quotes and orders? Will SRM and E-Supplier portals be discontinued?For submitting quotes for Usiminas orders, Ariba is our official integration platform with the supplier.
  • Can I use a standard Ariba Network account that I already have to serve Usiminas?Yes, it is possible, just be aware that by upgrading this account to an enterprise account, the account will become enterprise for all purchasing companies that are linked to it.
  • How can I get answers to questions regarding the browsing process, filling out quotes, and information regarding orders in SAP Ariba?Through the manuals made available in the suppliers’ page on Usiminas website.
  • Is it necessary to confirm the order for the FRS to be created?No. Once the order is accessed, either from the inbox or via the interactive PO, the FRS creation button will be enabled.
  • Will companies that already have an existing contract with Usiminas have their contract-related requests migrated to Ariba Network?After Ariba is implemented, new orders will be sent via this platform. Orders created before implementation will not be available on Ariba.
  • Will Ariba Portal inform about winners of bids submitted?The Portal is a way to communicate with your customer, and information about the closing of quotes will be informed during the event. As for the winners of bids, it is up to the purchasing company to inform them or not. Remember that when a supplier wins a bid, orders related to the contract will be displayed in your Ariba Network account.
  • What is the minimum order volume that a supplier company needs to have to become eligible for system integration?Minimum volume of 200 orders per year. If the company is eligible, a specialist will contact you to start the integration process.
  • Will the order created for the supplying company include the buyer’s contact details in case I need to refer to him/her?Yes, it is also possible to contact the buyer directly using the messaging functionality available in all purchasing documents.
  • Can I start using the portal with a standard account and then upgrade to an Enterprise account?Yes. Suppliers using the standard account can upgrade to the enterprise account at any time.