Usiminas is committed to provide security to investors and shareholders, with a clear and transparent management, ensuring compliance with governmental requirements and with the requirements imposed by the market. The Integrity Program enables us to identify and find solutions for practices which are not in compliance with our values and rules. On the other hand, the Open Channel, collects information about non-compliance with internal rules imposed by the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

keeping 100%

of employees trained under the Integrity Program is one of our goals

6 policies

underpin the Integrity Program, in addition to the Code of Ethics and Conduct


complaints were registered in the Open Channel in 2019

Integrity Program

We encourage our employees to observe the established rules, as well as to have an ethical and respectful attitude within the company. The Integrity Program is guided by the Code of Ethics and Conduct, which establishes the commitment of the entire Usiminas team to comply with current legislation, including internal standards.

Programa de Integridade
Canal Aberto

Integrity Program

To manage complaints, we count on the Open Channel, where employees cansubmit information and complaints about non-compliance with standards established by the Integrity Program. These violations are not tolerated by the company and may become the subject of an internal investigation, subject to punishment.