Whether for automakers or the auto parts and stamping sector, Usiminas aims to develop ideal solutions to meet different needs according to the market demands. LEARN ABOUT OUR SOLUTIONS FOR AUTOMAKERS, AUTO PARTS AND STAMPING: Usiminas performs the customizing of products and the transformation of steel to meet the needs of automakers. A typical case is sheet metal processing, where “Soluções Usiminas” cuts steel in the shape of regular, angular and customized blanks. Learn more In order to meet the needs of reducing vehicle weight and increasing passenger safety, it also develops new types of steel, created with the purpose of achieving high mechanical resistance materials, excellent ductility and corrosion resistance. Looking for the best steel for the Automotive Market? See below
Hot Strips

High reliability and versatile Steel for many different market requirements.

High added value steel products manufactured from reduction of hot strip thicknesses.  

Steel with better resistance to atmospheric corrosion, for increasingly demanding requirements.

Hot Dip Galvanized

A qualidade vem em primeiro lugar com nossos galvanizados.