Keeping up with the future is about contributing to the country’s development Usiminas steel is everywhere: from the wheelbarrow to structures for bridges, buildings, stadiums, solar panels, wind towers and much more. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOLUTIONS FOR CONSTRUCTION AND INFRASTRUCTURE Usiminas was the first company in the country to supply steel for the “Minha Casa Minha Vida” (My House My Life) housing program. It has also taken part in the modernization of stadiums for the 2014 World Cup and projects for the 2016 Olympics. All this expertise led to the development of specific technical solutions for the market, such as steel with higher corrosion resistance (SAC 300 and SAC 350). Within the Hot Strips line, Usiminas can produce coils with unprecedented dimensions in the country, allowing pipe manufacturers to gain in efficiency and in adaptation of their products to meet the needs of the sector. Within the Heavy Plate line, “Sincron” steel has the performance suitable for high demand features in complex environments, such as those found in Pre-Salt exploration. Looking for the best steel for construction and infrastructure? See below:
Heavy plates

Quality steel, with different levels of mechanical resistance for increasingly demanding features and uses

High performance
Steel that does not crack easily. It is ideal for features and uses requiring high performance.    

With stronger steel, you can use lighter structures in your assembly


Quality comes first in our Galvanized Products.

RELATED CONTENT Distribution: With over 150 partners operating throughout Brazil, there is always a Usiminas distributor near you. Automotive Market: Usiminas performs the customizing and transformation of steel custom-made for this market. Naval Market: High performance and reliability even for the most demanding market requirements. Cubatão Private Maritime Terminal: Strategic location, close to the largest steel producing and consuming centers in the country.