With over 150 partners operating throughout Brazil, there is always a Usiminas distributor near you. Usiminas’ distribution includes resellers and processors who use flat steel, to develop pipes, profiles, tiles, gutters, slitters, blanks, plates, among others. Soluções Usiminas Leader in the segment of distribution and steel processing “Usiminas Soluções” (Usiminas Solutions), created in 2010, has a modern processing infrastructure and is prepared to meet the demands of several market segments in any quantity and format. Learn more about the products we offer for the sector:
Chapas Grossas

Heavy Plate

Tiras a Quente

Hot Strips

Laminados a Frio

Cold Rolled

Galvanizados por Imersão a Quente


RELATED CONTENT White Line: Quality and resistance present in millions of Brazilian homes, with customized steel. Naval Market: High performance and reliability even for the most demanding market features and uses. Machinery and equipment: The most complete portfolio in Brazilian steelmaking for the machinery and equipment market. Cubatão Private Maritime Terminal: Strategic location, close to the largest steel producing and consuming centers in the country.