Steel solutions for an increasingly sustainable world From small initiatives to large projects: the technology and innovation present in Usiminas steel offer customized solutions for the sector. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOLUTIONS FOR THE ENERGY MARKET: Usiminas offers state-of-the-art products to its customers, being responsible for manufacturing steel for large structures and equipment, such as turbines for hydroelectric power plants, towers and wind farms. Furthermore, it is the only steelmaking company in Brazil to supply an exclusive solution designed for metal structures of photovoltaic plates: USI SAC SOLAR POWER. Looking for the best steel for the Energy Market? See below:
Heavy Plates

Quality steel, with different levels of mechanical resistance for increasingly demanding requirements

Hot Strips
Highly reliable and versatile steel, for the widest range of market features and uses.    
Cold rolled

High added value steels, manufactured from reduction of hot strip thickness.


Quality comes first with our galvanized products.