High performance and reliability even for the most demanding requirements When it comes to the naval market, Usiminas is a reference. A good example of this is that the vast majority of heavy plates manufactured in Brazil for the production of blocks for support vessels and structures for modules were produced by us. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOLUTIONS FOR THE NAVAL MARKET: In order to meet the sector’s challenges, Usiminas – and also “Usiminas Mecânica” – have a diversified portfolio of products and solutions to meet all requirements. State-of-the-art technology and innovation in the production process Produced using CLC (Continuous Online Control) accelerated cooling technology, “Sincron” steel offer performance suitable for high complexity features. In addition, their characteristics allow efficiency gains for customers, especially in welding procedures and use. Looking for the best steel for the Naval Market? See below:
Heavy Plates

Quality steel, with different levels of mechanical resistance for increasingly demanding requirements.

Hot Strips
Highly reliable and versatile steel, for the widest range of market features and uses.