Oil and Gas

High mechanical strength and good weldability in offshore project requirements. Working in deep water and in extreme conditions requires technology and material strength. Usiminas is working closely with the oil and gas chain, intensifying integration with customers to meet the most specific demands in the sector. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOLUTIONS FOR THE OIL AND GAS MARKET:

The quality and technology used in the production of steel offer a differentiated portfolio for features and uses in pipes and connections that require high strength to collapse, resistance to sour service environment and tenacity at low temperature.

Sincron Steel Qualities

High mechanical strength and superior welding performance due to lower carbon equivalent concentration. Enables the production of steel with high strength to Hydrogen-Induced Cracking (HIC – Hydrogen Induced Cracking), very critical in features and uses in Oil and Gas transportation pipelines from pre-salt fields. Due to its resistance, it allows the reduction of structural weight with its large-scale uses, besides displaying excellent flatness and uniformity of mechanical properties.     Looking for the best steel for the Oil and Gas Market? See below:
Heavy Plates:

Quality steel, with different levels of mechanical resistance for increasingly demanding requirements.

Hot Strips
Highly reliable and versatile steel, for the widest range of market features and uses.