2,6 km

of rural roads recovered by Usiminas “Mobilize Valley Pathways”

1.3 million

people benefited by the program

4,715 springs

mapped and 1,329 springs in the process of recovery

Usiminas “Mobilize Valley Pathways”

Since 2015, Usiminas “Mobilize Valley Pathways” program has been allocating steel aggregate for the paving of streets and rural roads in the Eastern Minas Gerais region. This material is donated to the benefited cities and offers improvements to the city”s infrastructure and the lives of residents. This initiative gives thousands of people in the communities of eastern Minas Gerais access to education and health, as the roads enable them to reach schools and hospitals much more easily and safely.
Usiminas Mobiliza
Qualidade Vida

Usiminas “Mobilize All for Water”

Usiminas is deeply concerned with the preservation of water, which is one of the essential resources for human survival and for steelmaking processes. In the program  Mobilize All for Water a, the towns that receive steel aggregate for paving roads are committed to recover water springs. Nearly 4,500 springs have already been recovered by the program in the Steel Valley region and eastern Minas Gerais.

Usiminas “Mobilize Work”

Within Usiminas Mobilize through Work program, steel mill aggregate is donated to the manufacture of interlocked blocks by inmates of Timóteo prison (Minas Gerais). Besides offering an ecologically suitable destination for the material, this project provides the inmates with the opportunity to learn a new trade. The program integrates Usiminas actions of responsibility with the environment, and also enables inmates to work.
Usiminas Mobiliza pelo Trabalho