Thick Plates

Heavy plates produced with the best technology of accelerated cooling

Are you familiar with the advantages of Heavy Plates for your business?

Easy to weld:
Allows you to eliminate plate preheating and reduce the number of welding passes.

High performance:
Steel that does not crack easily. It is ideal for features and uses requiring high performance.

With stronger steel, you can use lighter structures in your assembly.

Here it is Thick Plates


“Sincron” steel offers performance suitable for high demanding features, such as pre-salt exploration. Furthermore, its characteristics allow gains in efficiency, especially in welding procedures.

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Oil and Gas

Usiminas is the national leader in the commerce of heavy plates and hot coils for the manufacture of large diameter pipes. Today it serves strategic sectors in the development of the country, such as oil and gas.

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“Sincron” steel is produced with CLC (Continuous On-Line Control) technology, one of the most modern in the world, transferred exclusively by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation to Usiminas. The process used is the TMCP (Thermo Mechanical Control Process), a production method of heavy plates consolidated by steelmakers of the highest technological level in the

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