Procurement Manifest

“We are Procurement”. And, here at Usiminas companies, we deliver solutions for the whole steel chain. We want to be the leading players in creating purchasing solutions that maximize results, competitiveness, and the longevity of our companies. We engage, motivate, influence, and inspire everyone around us. We seek to protect the environment and the community around us, safely and with sustainability. Innovation is part of our daily routine. We aim to be the connection between external opportunities and the internal needs of our business, always seeking to introduce new ideas that work in practice. This way, we are constantly improving our internal routines with simplicity, agility, and transparency. We foresee, in our future, a fully connected and efficient supply chain delivering even more benefits to our customers, employees, suppliers, and society as a whole. We are aware of our challenges, which are not that small! But our mission is to solve them based on the best quality, maximum competitiveness and seeking new challenges in this vast universe called Usiminas.
Usiminas companies are committed to sustainability, and our businesses always share a common point of view: to promote a more equitable society and well-balanced environment. The company’s principle is to partner with suppliers who share our ideals, based on ethical and transparent conduct, and who believe that it is always possible to do better. Here you will find important information related to the registration process, hiring, and good service. We also outline the types of conduct we consider appropriate with regard to:
  • information security;
  • social and environmental responsibility;
  • occupational health and safety;
  • and quality management.

Being consistent in what we do is being aware and paying attention to all of this, from the smallest detail to the full understanding of the whole.

Implementing “Ariba” places Usiminas at the center of the best global Procurement practices

“CompraAÍ” project means a major technological breakthrough and promotes the digital transformation of Usiminas Procurement. The technological pillar of the project is the implementation of Ariba, a purchasing and sales system developed by SAP. Apart from digitizing and automating processes, Ariba increases competitiveness in our entire supply chain, improves our performance, and raises the compliance level in all stages of the procurement process. The digital transformation of Procurement also contributes to:
  • Reduction of operational costs, with increased operational efficiency and increased team productivity;
  • Cutting red tape on processes and increasing competitiveness by boosting operational efficiency;
  • Enhanced user experience, whether it is a buyer, requester, or supplier;
  • Greater efficiency when dealing with our suppliers.
Our partners and suppliers are invited to take part in this new digital journey. Usiminas suppliers page features details of the new system. Browse this material to learn more about the new Usiminas Procurement procedures.