How can I be one

We are looking for companies committed to quality, reliability and transparency.

You are in an especially prepared area for those who wish to be a supplier of Usiminas or one of its subsidiaries or associate companies.

Here, you will find a Supplier Pre-registration form, a tool formulated to concentrate information on potential suppliers to Usiminas companies, which can be qualified to take part in future tenders.

Focused on seeking optimization of his Supply Chain, Usiminas seeks to associate itself to companies committed to total quality, disposed to establish long-term partnerships, who have trust and transparency as a main characteristic.


Pre-registration of the company carries a validity of 06 (six) months and does not oblige the parties under any circumstances. It is up to the Usiminas companies, solely and exclusively, according to its criteria, to approve or not Pre-registration made by the interested company.

On this occasion, if it is deemed necessary, the Usiminas companies may request the company that does pre-registration to supply additional information and documents.

Once approved, the company will be included in the supplier base of Usiminas companies.

The non-approval of the pre-registered company by Usiminas companies does not require a formal reply, and is the sole, exclusive option of Usiminas companies, at their criteria, to supply information about the stage of the process.

Before doing Pre-registration, we recommend reading the General Conditions for Execution of Services and Supply to Usiminas Companies.

To start the process of pre-registration, read the "orientation" on the next tab.


It is extremely important that the interested company follow the instructions on filling out the pre-registration so as not to have any doubts. This orientation is divided into three (03) stages:

Step 1:
After pre-registration is done, a link will be sent to the registered e-mail with a questionnaire to complement the information supplied.

Step 2:
As a matter of security, the total response time of the pre-registration questionnaire is 20 (twenty) minutes. Usiminas Companies recommend reading the questions that should be answered before starting the filling out process.  Click here  and see the questionnaire!

Step 3:
After filling out and sending the pre-registration, the interested companies should send all scanned obligatory documentation to address:

Obligatory documentation: 

  • Proof of TIN (taxpayer identification number) of the company as tax / financial regulations of the country of origin;
  • Bank data: formal declaration of the bank confirming the existence and the holder of the bank account;
  • Current Document Constitution of the Company , showing its partners/directors;
  • Certificate copies – ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001 and others (if available).

Documentation to be presented, when requested by Usiminas Companies:

  • Declaration referring to the presence of Dangerous Substances in its materials (in compliance with RoHS / ELV requirements).
  • Annual balance sheets from last 3 years;
  • Others

After reading all the instructions, click here, to continue the registration.

Navigation manuals

You will find the main information about the Purchasing Portal below and important instruction for those who intend to become an Usiminas supplier. All of the “Navigation Manuals” are available for download in pdf format.

Navigation Manuals – Usiminas Purchasing Portal

Adminstrator of the Portal

– See you to create a profile “Adminstrator” of the Usiminas Purchasing Portal

– Step-by-step of activities to be executed in the Administrator User

Electronic Negotiation – Auction

– See how to participate in auction events

– Learn about important tips of how to prepare for auctions

E-Suppliers Portal

– See how to naviage and better use the services available on the E-Suppliers Portal

– Verify ways of making your navigation quicker and more objective.
Necessary configurations

Learn how to Access the invitation and reply to Requests for Quotation of:

– Materials Items

– Services Items

Quotations in the SRM

– Orientation for access to the Request Portfolio

– Accessing Request
– Information of declination of requests

– Orientations to downloan or send (upload) for quotation of Services and Auction

– Learn how to alter a Request

– See How to use the “Collaboration Room”, a space to clarify doubts between Supplier and Purchaser



What is the questionnaire for?

Besides containing registration data of your company in the questionnaire there are reviews of Environment and Social Responsibility as well.

Questionnaire data answered will also serve to qualify the supplier by Usiminas

Should I forward a document for qualification?

Yes, documents listed below should be sent to the email

ISO certificate copies (if avaliable).

Bank data: formal declaration of the bank confirming the existence and the holder of the bank account.

Pro-forma invoice (if avaliable).

Documents to be submitted when requested by Usiminas companies:
Copy of Balance Sheets;

Environmental Permit according to local regulations (companies with industrial activities, or whose activity presents environmental impacts).

After completing the pre-registration form, can I supply Usiminas right away?

No. At this point the company is only applying for as Usiminas supplier. To become a supplier, the company goes through a qualification supply process. If there is a demand for new suppliers, Usiminas buyers will search for applicant suppliers. Once approved by the Supply Coordination, applicants may be invited to participate in the Request for Quotation and pass through the qualification of suppliers with the central register of Usiminas suppliers.

General Questions and Important Tips

I am not getting the emails from Usiminas

To begin receiving Usiminas messages normally, access the anti-spam of your provider and authorize the domains and If you can not do this update, please seek support of your company or your provider. We recommend the supplier to access the Usiminas portal at least once every day to check if there are any pending quotes or orders and frequently check its “Spam or Quarantine” folder.

Be sure not to respond to requests for quotation in the last minute

Answering a request for quotation moments before the end date / time is a risk you can avoid. Set-up and send your proposal in advance. Specific actions of navigation or errors in your internal network, Internet, or ISP, with an effect of abrupt termination of the connection without logging-off can lead to blocking of your user for up to 20 minutes.

Make sure the quotation was sent correctly

After completing a quote in SRM, it will only be sent when you click “Submit”. If you click “Memorize” the proposal will NOT be forwarded, but only recorded as version, so the Buyer will not receive it! The confirmation message is showed in a popup with the message “Quotation” name request for quotation “delivered”.

Visit often the Purchasing Portal in order not to lose any requests for quotation

Check the incoming new Requests for Quotation accessing the Purchasing Portal at the “SRM” link.

To track a Request for Quotation which is still in force, select the status field “Current Requests for Quotation” option and then click the “Start” link.

It is important to access it everyday to verify the existing quotation requests. The notifications sent are only reminders.

If any current quotation is not appearing in the list of quotes, we suggest you click EXTENDED SEARCH, clear all the search fields and then click START.

If the problem persists, contact the buyer and ask for republishing the pending response quote.

Questions regarding payment of Bills

If you're already a supplier of Usiminas, access the e-Providers and search your invoices.

Usiminas Purchasing Portal

I can't browse in Usiminas Purchasing Portal

If you can not browse the Purchasing Portal, verify and make the update below. It is free and allows access to other tools of Usiminas, and brings benefits to internet accessing.

The Usiminas portal is compatible ONLY with the Internet Explorer browser 7.0 or 8.0.

1) Check the version of your web browser.

Click the Help option from the menu bar of your internet browser and then the option About Internet Explorer.

2) In your Internet Explorer, click the Tools option and then Internet Options

3) On the Advanced tab, make sure the Use HTTP 1.1 and Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy

4) In this window, click now in General. Thus the temporary files will be deleted in order not to have caching issues.

Then click Delete Files and confirm the deletion.

Now click on Delete Cookies and confirm.

After you confirm the deletion, click Close.

5) Back in the intranet Options window, click OK to confirm the data.

Include another resolution mode (if the browser is equal or superior to 8):

With the browser open click the F12 key. Enter the browser mode and select the version 7. This solution must be repeated each time you access the purchasing portal of Usiminas.

What are the services offered by the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas?

The Purchasing Portal of Usiminas offers access to two portals (SRM and E-SUPPLIERS). The first provides electronic transaction services in the modalities of Reverse Auction and Request for Quotation and the second for quotes, orders, invoices, etc.

The Home Page (Welcome) presents general configuration information and browsing manuals to the SRM and E-SUPPLIERS and AUCTIONS portals.

What are the benefits for suppliers to use the services of the Portal?

Through more efficient processes in the business of buying and selling products and services, the supplier has benefits that include: transparency and safety processes, more agility, cost reduction, traceability of processes, increasing opportunities, participation consultation and exclusive services.

How is the security in data transactions in the Purchasing Portal?

The security framework of Usiminas was designed in accordance with best practices and international standards for confidential financial transactions. The data that flows in the system is encrypted, meaning that it is encoded so that no one has access. Furthermore, the developed technical architecture comprises two firewalls that act as extra protection barriers to the transactional environment.

Who can be registered in the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas?

Any supplier registered in Usiminas System has access to the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas, as well as the companies invited to participate in negotiations, even if they are not yet listed in Usiminas.

How do I register in the Purchasing Portal?

Companies should access the website

“In the “”Supplier”” link -> “”Pre Registration”” is available the main data about the required documentation and procedures “.

I have access to the new Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS and I'm not getting notifications and announcements from Usiminas. What do I do? I forgot my acces password to the new Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS. What do I do?

In the Home Page of the NEW Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS, click the “Support” link. Fill the blank ID LOGON (User Identification) and E-mail (adress contained in your Usiminas registration corresponding to this User) then click the buttons “Send –> Continue”. A new temporary password to access the site will be sent to the e-mail address (copy it WITHOUT the end point and reset the new password).

I forgot my "User". What to do?

If you are the Administrator User of the company, you must call the Supplier Support Center of Usiminas by email or telephone 31 3499-9817.

For other users, the User Administrator of your own company can view and redeem these access information to our portal.

How do I see if I have a new request / invitation for my company?

Acess the NEW Purchasing Portal of USIMINAS using your COMERCIAL USER and Password, click on link “SRM” (for quotes beginning with the digit “7”).

This link will list all active requests that his company was invited.

If you want to search for a specific request, fill out the search fields “Number of request” or“Name” and then click Start.

If any current quotation is not appearing in the list of quotes, we suggest you click gEXTENDED SEARCH, clear all the search fields and click the START button.

If the problem persists, contact the buyer and ask the same for republishing the pending response quote.

“For quotations beginning with the digit “”6″” click the E-Providers link -> Select the COMPANY of the USIMINAS Group for which you received the quotation -> Click the SERVICES menu ->PENDING REQUEST FOR QUOTATION.”

When I am invited to a request and the material being quoted is not a matter of my company, how should I proceed in the quotation?

When the supplier receives a Request for Quotation in which appear multiple items, the supplier must reply to items that are supply of its company and DECLINE items that are not supplyo of its company or which are currently unavailable.

“When the Request for Quotation comes with all the items out of the supply companyit is possible to decline the entire request for quotation clicking on GENERAL DATA –> BASIC DATA –>complete the DECLINE box and report the NUMBER CORRESPONDING TO THE decline JUSTIFICATION (options in BINOCULAR button).”

What value should I put in the "Base Price" field in the request for materials? And the "ICMS and IPI" fields?

When quoting Materials, in the “Base Price” field must be inserted the Unit Price (with ICMS and PIS / COFINS included), without IPI.

In the ICMS and IPI fields should be highlighted the rates of payment of taxes.

What is the value I should put in the "Price" field in quotation services? And in the attributes field?

In quoting Services, you must place in the “Price” field the gross price with all taxes included.

In the Attributes field, if any, inform in percent (%) or value (U.S. $) in the fields of composition of the cost of the proposal. If there is not, inform always zero.

I sent my bid incorrectly. Can I send another?

While the Request for Quotation is with status Active (open for quotation period), the company can send as many offers (price or decline) as desired. It is important to remember that only the last quotation submitted will be valid.

To make any changes simply click the “Edit” link of request for quotation, and then modify the desired field(s). You must click “Submit” so that the new quote receives every modification.

How can I make sure that I sent my quote?

After clicking the “Submit” button, the following message appears: “Quotation 'request name' delivered”.

To confirm the value offered just click the PROOF OF PRESENTATION button or search by request in the Homescreen of ” Offers Panel”. In the column “Status Quote” “Quotation Submitted” will appear, then go to the link “View Details” in the “Actions” column.

How should I proceed if my Monitor Live Auction is not upgrading the screen of the auction?

If you find that the information is not being updated in the Monitor Live Auction, close the window and click again to enter Monitor Live Auction. In case of any further difficulty during the auction, please immediately contact the Supplier Support Team of Usiminas by telephone.

How should I proceed if accessing the "Monitor Live Auction" returns a blank screen?

In this case you must enter the site and check the version of Java installed on your machine. If you do not have the application installed or the minimum required version is necessary to perform the installation on the same site. In case of any further difficulty during the auction, please immediately contact the Supplier Support Team of Usiminas.

How should I proceed if you are not getting all the information from the "Monitor Live Auction"?

In this case it is possible to move the gray columns in the upper left of the screen to the right. If necessary you can also scroll vertically with the mouse other two horizontal lines: the first is the gray line situated above details and the second is the line up system messages and chat.

Can I attach a file or write to the purchaser a proposal of Materials or Services?

In the Purchasing Portal of Usiminas, Quotation item, click the “General Info” tab and then on“My Notes” link. On this page you can add information to the purchaser in the “Notes to Applicant” field, and attach files in the “Attachments” field.

Who sets the price and deadline for suppliers to be invited to the request for quotation?

The process of purchasing / procurement is defined by the purchaser of Usiminas, which is responsible for the entire process and its procedures. The deadline for listing is also defined by the purchaser, as the user's need for the material / service requested.

How can I contact the Purchaser requesting the quotation?

The supplier shall communicate with the purchaser via phone or the Collaboration Room, if available in the quotation.

What is the Collaboration Room?

It is the means of communication between suppliers and purchasers. The tool aims to clarify questions, allowing the sharing of messages and files.

How do I ask questions about the material to be quoted or service to be provided, that is, the specification / scope?

Commercial doubts should be resolved with the purchaser requesting the quote. Only technical questions of the tool should be directed to the Supplier Support Cell of Usiminas.

I have questions about filing a request for quotation on the portal. How and with whom do I clear them?

In Usiminas site section: Providers -> Browsing Portal Manuals – all manuals are available – in PDF – to help answer quote requests.

What is the number of the call center?

The Supplier Support of Usiminas answers the phone 31 3499-9817. Contact can also be made by e-mail

Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 12pm / 13:30 to 17h.