ESG Goals

Usiminas is committed to ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), which establishes commitments to environmental, social and governance issues. Learn more about our short-term goals:
Diversidade e inclusão

Diversity and Inclusion

Achieve 10% female presence in the industrial area by 2022
Segurança do trabalho

Labor Safety

Frequency rate of registered WLT accidents less than 0.3 in 2021 (WTL- With Time Loss)
CO² / Energia

CO² / Energy

(Carbon Disclosure Project) Completion of GHG emission inventories in 2021 and participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)


Tailings disposal migration to filtration system in 2021 and Central Dam decharacterization in 1QRI22
Vista área da Usina de Ipatinga
When the dream of building a steel plant in the countryside of Minas Gerais began to come true, in the late 1950s, the chosen location was a quiet district of “Coronel Fabriciano”, with a few hundred residents and no infrastructure. Usiminas was born, then grew up and extended its boundaries to other states with the spirit of development, partnership, and commitment to the communities where it operates. Our trajectory is made of constant learning. We are aware that our operations influence society, and we are determined to maximize our positive impacts and mitigate the negative ones. To learn more about our sustainability Standard, click here.
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Anual Report 2021

Usiminas appreciates dialogue and transparency in its relationships. In addition to its multiple communication channels, the Company annually publishes its Annual Sustainability Report.

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Quality Ore, o manufactured steel with dedication as well as satisfied customers are the outcome of the work carried out by people who shape Usiminas. We are committed to building, on a daily basis, a safe and healthy work environment , that stimulates collaboration, inspires and develops people. Since the beginning of our operations, we have strived to offer complete infrastructure to people who have chosen to participate in this dream, building neighborhoods, shopping malls, clubs, schools and hospitals. Always valuing and stimulating our employees and the community with responsibility, taking care of each and every one’s health and safety.
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Health and Welfare

Encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and care whenever required are part of our daily routine at Usiminas. Our social arm in health and education, FSFX (São Francisco Xavier Foundation) has a health plan operator, manages hospitals, a dental center, and a series of programs focused on quality of life.
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Labor Safety

“If it’s not safe, don’t do it!” At Usiminas, nothing is more important than the safety of our employees. In addition to pursuing the best practices in process management and people awareness, we continuously invest in the upgrading of our industrial park, ensuring greater safety for all.
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Inclusion and Diversity

O The Diversity and Inclusion Program is intended to make Usiminas an even more diverse and inclusive company , encouraging the personal and professional development of employees. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is composed of members of the board and management, in addition to volunteers from the five affinity groups: generations, gender equity, people with disabilities, LGBTI+ and race and ethnicity. This structure allows suggestions for actions to be raised, analyzed and implemented.

Usiminas keeps a close relationship with the communities onde está presente. Monitorando e minimizando os impactos das atividades produtivas, apoiando o desenvolvimento local e atuando na promoção  health, education , culture  e do sports , also through its social arms,  FSFX e o Usiminas Institute.
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Dialogue and Relationship

Usiminas has built a historical relationship with the local community through transparency and proximity . Among the main communication channels with the community are “Fale Conosco” (Talk to Us) and “FalaAí Comunidade” (Talk to Us Community). In addition, Usiminas Open Doors Program provides visits to the premises of all units of the company.
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Usiminas Institute and Sao Francisco Xavier Foundation

More than simply producing steel, Usiminas is present in the community, developing actions aimed at health, education, sports and culture through its social arms: Usiminas Institute and São Francisco Xavier Foundation. Both the São Francisco Xavier High School and the hospital networks are references for the community.

We have implemented guidelines so that we can develop our activities in harmony with the preservation of the environment in all of our operational units. We are committed to improving our performance and the way we operate constantly, , managing impacts and the rational use of natural resources . As a result, we have achieved efficient water and energy consumption, reused materials in industrial plants, reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, and the correct management of the waste generated during production.
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Environmental Compliance

Usiminas areas are subject to rules and regulations that require careful and attentive management. This allows us to minimize risks, anticipating regulatory trends that may compromise the smooth running of the company’s operations. That way, it is also possible to preserve the quality of life of the community who lives in the vicinity of our activities.
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Air Quality

Usiminas invests in actions designed to help control and reduce the emission of pollutant gases and particulate materials .Consequently, we act strongly in this inspection, seeking to reduce the impacts on the quality of the air in the region of our production activities. Through the Environmental Monitoring Center, we carry out continuous measurements to control these emissions and reduce the damages to the environment.
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Water Resources

We have industrial water treatment systems and wastewater treatment plants to recover water used in internal processes . Our indirect recirculation centers decontaminate wastewater so that it can be reused for several purposes. With Usiminas program “Mobilize All for Water”, we are committed to water preservation and the recovery of springs.
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Waste Management, co-product and Hazardous Material

Usiminas has developed projects and actions to create value from waste , through an internal recycling process, as an input in production processes and the sale of raw materials to third parties. Therefore, we are committed to constantly improving our environmental performance using natural resources rationally . The programs “Usiminas Mobilize Valley Pathways” and “Usiminas Mobilize Work” benefit local communities, complying with the company’s strategies
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Biodiversity Preservation

Usiminas conducts biodiversity preservation and conservation programs, such as green areas, and adopts special care for protected areas. Projects to monitor, protect and preserve native vegetation are some of our priorities . At Usiminas’ Seedling Nursery, for instance, more than 20,000 seedlings are grown every year, which are used in the company’s tree planting areas, in the recovery of springs and riparian forests, in addition to being donated to city halls and to communities through solidarity campaigns.

Usiminas governance model aims at generating value for shareholders, security for investors and transparency in management . We ensure compliance with governmental and market requirements. Our financial statements also follow comprehensive and rigorous international standards.

Ethics and Transparency

With the purpose of preventing and identifying practices which are not in compliance with our corporate rules, Usiminas has developed the Integrity Program. Thus, we are able to identify risks and causes of problems and act in a preventive manner . The Code of Ethics and Conduct consolidates the commitment of employees with respect to legislation and internal rules. We also have the Open Channel, which allows the reporting of complaints related to the violation of principles established by the Company.

Materiality is a strategy adopted by Usiminas. It consists of identifying and prioritizing sustainability-related topics , that represent significant environmental, economic and social impacts of the Company and may substantially influence the assessment and decision of its stakeholders, both internal and external.
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Well aware of the fact that innovation and sustainability are fundamental to ensure the continuity and competitiveness of our business, we invest in products and technological solutions with high added value . The “InovaAí” Program carries out several pilot projects, establishes partnerships with startups and universities, and organizes events and training sessions to encourage a culture of innovation within the company.
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Steel e-commerce

Usiminas cherishes excellence in its services. As a result, we strive to develop innovative products and solutions customized to the needs of our customers. We invest in projects and initiatives to identify opportunities on several different fronts. Focused on a strategy that aims to facilitate access of medium and small customers to our products, we launched an exclusive platform to sell steel. Usiminas Solutions virtual store not only brings us closer to our customers, but also has the best products for your business.
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Regulatory and Market Risks

Our operations are also subject to risks, such as the impact of exchange rate fluctuations and seasonality of demand, which can compromise exports. Consequently, we make investments to prevent and anticipate regulatory , measures and ensure compliance with the established standards.
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Financial Sustainability

We are constantly seeking to improve our results, either through collective or individual targets. Agility in decision making, rigorous spending and simplified bureaucracy make Usiminas increasingly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets, thus generating more value for society.
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Supply Chain Management

Usiminas always aims to to establish partnership relationships with its suppliers to develop mutual advantages . The Safe Supplier Program, launched in 2019, is designed to encourage partner companies to achieve higher levels of safety.
Pacto Global

Global Compact

As a way to further strengthen the company’s sustainability strategy, Usiminas is a participant in the UN Global Compact. It is a commitment created by the United Nations to help companies align their strategies by promoting sustainable growth and stimulating society to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Usiminas “Mobilize” programs were established in order to contribute to the improvement of life quality of communities living in the surroundings where the company’s activities are carried out. Through innovative and sustainable initiatives, through the use of steel aggregate, Usiminas “Mobilize Valley Pathways”, Usiminas “Mobilize All for Water”, and Usiminas “Mobilize Work” programs offer benefits to cities, to the environment, and the entire local community.