Sustainable Goals

Usiminas defines sustainable goals for 2021

At Usiminas, the year 2020 was an important milestone for the deepening of its ESG agenda, which foresees commitment to environmental, social, and governance issues. We created Corporate Sustainability General Management, directly connected to Usiminas CEO, with the mission of articulating and following up on all specific issues related to the company”s sustainability agenda. From this point on, we started monitoring the main topics which comprise Usiminas sustainable agenda matrix by means of indicators. With the result of these indicators, we established qualitative and quantitative goals. To this end, Usiminas began the process of disclosing goals previously approved by the Executive Board. Learn more about them!

Diversity and Inclusion

Usiminas has been working in order to become an increasingly diverse and inclusive company. Diversity and Inclusion Program, one of our main pillars is gender equity, which promotes  women”s economic empowerment and leadership as a basis for sustainable, inclusive and equitable growth. From 2019 to 2020, Usiminas succeeded in doubling the number of women in leadership positions. The ESG goal for this issue is to have 10% women in the industrial area by 2022, taking as an indicator the rate of women in the company”s industrial area.
Diversidade e inclusão
Segurança do trabalho

Integrity Program

Safety is a priority and relevant issue for Usiminas. Zero Accident is a daily goal, and the culture of safety and health preservation is constantly reinforced among employees. For 2021, the ESG goal for labor safety is to achieve a frequency rate of reported accidents lower than 0.3.

CO² / Energy

Usiminas is searching to invest in actions that will help reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aims to create actions related to climate change to minimize the impacts of productive activities of the company. ESG goal for 2021 concerning carbon emissions consists of conducting GHG emission inventories with independent certification and participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), in addition to disclosure of inventory through the GHG Protocol.
CO² / Energia


Usiminas is aware of both the internal and external potential socio-environmental impacts that mining operational processes can have. Therefore, the decharacterization of Dams e and the implementation of an alternative method of tailings disposal are part of an integral plan to make our operations fully sustainable and give our workers at Usiminas Mining and residents of Serra Azul a greater sense of peace of mind. As for 2021, the ESG goal concerning dam safety is to migrate tailings disposal from the traditional disposal method to filtration, with the start of this operation scheduled for the first half of 2021.
Usiminas work towards sustainability is not stopping, and as soon as we have new developments, we will be sharing them with all of you. The first milestone in Usiminas Mining Dams decharacterization was the conclusion of the decharacterization process of SOMISA Dam in January this year. As for Usiminas Mining Central Dam, decharacterization is scheduled for the first couple of months of 2022. The entire process is certified by official inspection agencies. Consequently, the creation of Corporate Sustainability General Management was an important step for the monitoring and development of goals and actions that meet the company”s sustainability commitments.

To be sustainable is part of Usiminas DNA

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