More than just steel

In Cars and Ships. In Fridges and Stoves. On Oil Rigs and Farm Tractors.

On Industrial Machines and Construction Industry.

Usiminas is present with know-how and innovation in important sectors of the economy. Therefore, it is one of the main Steel complexes in Latin America.

There are industrial and logistics units located in six states in the country operating throughout the steel chain: from iron ore extraction, to steel production and its transformation into products and capital goods customized for the market.

At the base of everything, there is a qualified team that combines experience and development in the quest for service excellence.

For more than 55 years, Usiminas it has been a key player in business where Steel plays a major role.

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Steel Processing


Capital Goods


Integrated Solutions

“Usiminas Mecânica” has been working in the area of Capital Goods and Services, with the strategic role of adding value to Usiminas Steel and meeting the specific demands of several industrial segments. Since 1970 offers integrated solutions in Metallic Structures, Equipment, Bridges, Viaducts, Cast Steel, Blanks and Industrial Assemblies.

Well known for quality, technological rigor and credibility that stand out on each and every project, the Company offers complete and tailor made solutions, customizing its service according to specific demands for every project. With proven experience in handling works of different magnitudes, “Usiminas Mecânica” has been recognized for:

• Tradition in Industry;
• Highly Skilled Labor;
• Accurate Quality Control;
• Market Requirement Compliance;
• Privileged Location;
• Expandability.


From the smallest detail to the whole design, from project to execution, “Usiminas Mecânica”, Usiminas capital goods subsidiary, has been a reference in equipment and assemblies for steel, mining, railway, petrochemical, energy, naval, and infrastructure industries. In order to provide solutions increasingly innovative, we count on four business divisions: Industrial Equipment; Bridges, Structures and Blanks; Casting; and Industrial Assemblies.

Oil and Gas




Primary Industry




“Usiminas Mecânica” has plants served by logistics infrastructure with access to ports, railways and highways, connecting the country’s main industrial centers and commercial offices in São Paulo (SP), Ipatinga and Belo Horizonte (MG), where Usiminas Head Office is located.

Head Office – Belo Horizonte

Business Office – São Paulo

Office, Plant and Casting – Ipatinga/MG


“Usiminas Mecânica” offers complete and tailor made solutions for each client, customizing service according to specific demands of each project, with an option for EPC hiring mode. The Product Portfolio includes:

• Blast - Furnaces, Converters, Ladles, Torpedo Cars, Cranes;

• Fired Heaters, Pressure Vessels, Spheres, Reactors, Process Towers;

• Lime Kilns, Evaporators, Peeling Drums, Tanks;

• Storage Tanks;

• Offshore Structures and Equipment, including Subsea;

• Industrial and Residential Metallic Structures;

• Bridges and Viaducts;

• Cast Steel Products for Railway, Steelmaking, Mining, Yellow Line, Cement Industry and Wind Power Markets;

• Turbine and Generator Parts, Grids, Gates and Conduits;

• Digesters, Precipitators, Silos, Mills, Tanks, Filters;

• Custom Blanks for Naval, Wind Power, Yellow Line, Railway Industries, etc;

• RRolling Mills and Continuous Casting Rolls (new & recouped);

• Industrial Electromechanical Assemblies.

Business Units

1. Industrial Equipment

2. Bridges, Structures, and Blanks

3. Casting

4. Industrial Assembly


Tradition and competence executing each and every project

“Usiminas Mecânica” produces equipment for the main Brazilian primary industry segments, providing quality in competitive solutions suitable to each customer’s needs.

Its facilities are able to perform large projects, including an industrial equipment area with a management center gathering expertise in the development, supply and assembly of structures and equipment, in addition to Usiminas Group's know-how in producing its own steel. The equipment area also operates in the manufacturing and recovery of smaller parts and has a dedicated line for Rolling Mill and Continuous Casting rolls’ recovery.

• Shipping Special Dimensions Equipment by Road, Railway and Sea.

• Boiler shop: 420.000 HH / year;
• Machinig: 160.000 HH / year.

Bell Mouths, Torpedo Anchors and other components for Oil Rigs

Pig Iron Ladles, Torpedo Cars, Blast Furnaces and Converters

Process Tower

Components for Power Generation

Burn-off Furnaces

Petrochemical Spheres


Connecting people, cities and continents. The Bridges and Metal Structures manufactured by “Usiminas Mecânica” are present in our lives. The company is responsible for manufacturing and assembling high complexity bridges and viaducts. In its portfolio, there are metal structures for shopping malls, industrial warehouses, offshore platforms and large mills also worth mentioning.

The Blanks unit has recognized and certified quality, offering customized parts to the market made from sheet plates. On the top of all this, “Usiminas Mecânica” counts on the “Just in Time” delivery system and the most modern technology for cutting, folding, chamfering, blasting and plate painting in Latin America.

• Bridges with lower foundation costs and longer spans, with no intermediate pillars.

• Structures allowing lighter design, higher precision and flexibility.

Bridges and Structures

• 40,000 ton/year for metallic structures;

• 40,000 ton/year for welded beams;

• 20,000 ton/year for bridges.


• 5,000 ton/month of blanks processing.

Bridges and Structures

• 40,000 ton/year for metallic structures;

• 40,000 ton/year for welded beams;

• 20,000 ton/year for bridges.


• 5,000 ton/month of blanks processing.

Bridges with varied structures


Metallic Structures

Blanks for industry


“Usiminas Mecânica” has one of the most modern castings in the world, allowing full-scale production of serial and non-serial parts with high tech standard.

Its production lines are designed for large parts and serial parts, capable of manufacturing cast steel components, gray cast iron, nodular and white for the railway, mining, steel, energy, infrastructure and other markets.

The company has been a reference in the production of cast steel parts for the industrial market, to manufacture products of all sizes with high productivity and quality, counting on a support technical unit and development of new products on its chemical sand, metallographic and non-destructive testing Lab.

• Casting with annual production capacity of 27,000/tons.

Slag pot


Railway boogies

Shock absorption and traction systems

Mill coating

Motor Housing


Tradition and competence executing each and every project

From North to South of Brazil, “Usiminas Mecânica” is present with a diversified and vast portfolio of large assembly works carried out. Having as a key point safety associated with good technique, we are today one of the most qualified industrial assembly companies in Brazil and we are able to act in the various segments that drive the development of the country.

“Usiminas Mecânica” offers the market, technical expertise, proven mobilization and execution capacity in industrial assembly works of high complexity and varied sizes, including the development of solutions of joint work of manufacture and assembly.

Over the last 10 years, among the several projects carried out, we highlight three industrial assembly works, each of them, with more than 10 million man-hours worked without any accidents resulting in lost time.


• 20 million man-hours/year;

• Peak workforce of 10,000 people;

• Staff up to 45,000 people in a single contract.

Complete electromechanical assembly of the plant

Complete electromechanical assembly of hot strip mill




Fired Heaters

Process Towers

Bridges and Viaducts

Steel Structures

Electromechanical Plant Assembly