Usiminas has shown EBITDA of BRL 519 million on second quarter and EBITDA of 16%

BRL 1.16 billion is the EBITDA accrued in the semester. The margin in the same period is 18% Usiminas recorded,on the second quarter of the year, an Adjusted EBITDA of BRL 519 million and a margin of Adjusted EBITDA of 16%. The result was impacted by accounting accruals of BRL 62.4 million for ICMS (Services […]


“Mineração Usiminas” MUSA has a new CEO

Carlos Hector Rezzonico is the new CEO of Mineração Usiminas (Musa). Rezzonico, who until then held the position of Usiminas Supply Corporate Director, has been part of the company’s team since 2016 and previously has been represented by other large companies in several countries, such as Siderca, Siderar, Exiros (Mexico, Argentina, and “Tubos de Acero […]


“Soluções Usiminas” and British consultancy “The Bakery” unite efforts in digital transformation project

Brazil’s largest steel processing company seeks from Startups solutions to business challenges Chosen in a Minas Gerais government action to have special consulting, Soluções Usiminas (SU) will receive different know-how to overcome challenges. The company will be supported by UK consulting and business accelerator, The Bakery London, in an open innovation program aimed at startups […]


“Mineração Usiminas” adopts new technology for waste disposal

The company is requesting a license to implement a stacking filtration system, anticipating a trend that should prevail in the mining industry   “Mineração Usiminas” (Musa) has filed a request for environmental licensing in the Regional Superintendence of Environment and Sustainable Development (Supram) to implement a new Waste Disposal System at its “Itatiaiuçu” (Minas Gerais) […]


Usiminas celebrates new rating upgrade

Standard and Poors, a leading international risk rating agency, announced on Tuesday afternoon (6/12) the increase in the credit rating of Usiminas from B- to B, with a positive outlook. According to the agency, the rating improvement reflects the company’s gradual recovery in economic-financial requirements and the company’s successful strategy of focusing on higher-value products […]


Usiminas new board of Directors

Usiminas CEO Sergio Leite has taken office for a new two-year term at the company’s helm this Wednesday afternoon (05/16). The executive will continue the revitalization process that has put the company in the spotlight once again. In the first quarter of 2018, Usiminas registered its best result since 2010; between April and May, resumed […]


Usiminas registers the best quarterly EBITDA since 2010

The Company kept an upward curve in its financial and operating results; consolidated net income in the first quarter of the year reached R$ 157.2 million Usiminas confirmed the upward curve in its results in the first quarter of 2018. In the first three months of 2018, the company registered a 42% increase in Adjusted […]


Usiminas resumes production of Blast Furnace 1 in Ipatinga

After structure refurbishing, the company adds nearly 2 thousand tons per day to its pig iron production in the Steel Valley, recovering the production of plates at full load in the Plant On Tuesday, April 17, Usiminas held an event that marked the resumption of company´s BF1, after 34 months deactivated. With the equipment return […]


Usiminas Mecânica makes donations of furniture, appliances and computers to social entities

  Usiminas Mecânica, in association with “Usiminas Cultural Institute”, held a social event on Thursday afternoon (March 22) which benefited 55 entities located in the Steel Valley region with donations of furniture, appliances and computers. The employees of the companies had the opportunity to indicate the institutions that were contemplated. All assets donated were used […]


Usiminas settles payment of another tranche of its debt redemption

  Usiminas made an advance payment of another part of its debt redemption on Thursday (03/15). Due to the good results achieved in 2017, the company amortized R$ 378.8 million of its debt to Brazilian, Japanese and debenture banks, as agreed in a negotiation held in September 2016. On that occasion, Usiminas committed to start […]