Major Appliance

Leader in the supply of steel for the major appliance segment in the Country, Usiminas products have been present in thousands of Brazilian homes for decades. Manufacturers of stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and other consumer goods – such as safes and furniture – recognize the high quality of Usiminas steel.

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Agricultural and Highway Machinery

Integrated operation and focus on added value products and services allows Usiminas to offer the most complete portfolio in the Brazilian steel industry for the agricultural and highway machinery segments. To this end, the company has an historical vocation for research and development of high quality products. The result of this effort is the leadership in the supply of steel for this market.

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Civil Construction

The choice for sustainable alternatives and high degree of quality has made Usiminas leader in the supply of flat rolled steel for structures in the civil construction business in Brazil for decades.

The applicability of Usiminas is all around, from the wheelbarrow to structures for bridges, buildings, housing and soccer stadiums, among others. It is not by chance that Usiminas was the first in the country to supply steel for the Federal Government’s housing program “Minha Case Minha Vida” (“My House My Life”). It also took part in the modernization of the soccer stadiums for World Cup 2014 and the projects for the 2016 Olympics.

In this manner, Usiminas has demonstrated to the market its competitive edge and the advantages of steel over concrete.

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Fundamental for Brazil’s development, the energy market receives important investments every year to meet the growing demand. And to follow the sector’s evolution, Usiminas offers the best and most modern there is in steel solutions to generate more competitiveness for its customers.

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Usiminas’ participation in the development of the Brazilian shipbuiilding and offshore Market follows the growing demand of the segment for high performance, reliable steel. All the heavy plate fabricated in Brazil for the production of blocks for service ships, modular and platform structures were produced by Usiminas.

The segment should continue to expand over the next years and will increasingly continue to demand high-value added content, mainly with exploration of the Pre-Salt layer. To meet these new demands, Usiminas – and also Usiminas Mecânica – offer a diversified portfolio of products and solutions with the objective of supplying all the requirements of this market.

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Large Diameter Tubes

Leader in the sales of heavy plates and hot rolled coils for the manufacture of large-diameter tubes in the domestic market, Usiminas seeks to systematically present differentiated solutions for its customers.

Today, the company serves strategic sectors for the Country’s development, such as oil and gas (OCTG and linepipe), sanitation, mining and industrial applications in general.

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Few companies in the world have knowhow and competence to be at the forefront of the market’s needs, mainly in an industry that does not cease to grow, like the automobile industry. Usiminas maintains constant work to develop the most appropriate steel grades for the diferent customers in this segment, in addition to systematically develop the best solutions and global steelmaking trends.

Thus, the company seeks to meet the present needs in an innovative fashion of energy efficiency and safety improvement in automobiles by means of weight reduction of its components.

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Autoparts and Satamped Products

Developing solutions aligned to the needs of the market and work in an integrated manner with customers is the way Usiminas contributes to the progress of the automobile industry. The company develops solutions in such a way as to meet the present needs of weight reduction and increasing passenger safety, thus contributing to reduce the emission of pollutants.

To this end, new types of steel were developed with the objective of obtaining high strength materials, in addition to excellence ductility and atmospheric corrosion resistance. All of this was only possible by means of a constant modernization process of the Usiminas Technology Center, which allows the company to extract positive answers to the market demands.

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Usiminas relies on more than 150 partners operating in the distribution market in the four corners of Brazil.In order to serve customers of all sizes and facilitate access to Usiminas’ products, these partners have become an important part in the development of this segment.

Many distributors have their own steel transformation line, which aggregates value to the product and increases the pool of possibilities and solutions for the market. In this manner, distribution covers both resellers, such as processors that, from flat rolled steel, develop tubes, profiles, roofing, gutters, slits, blanks and sheets, among others.

Soluções Usiminas

The result of the union of companies that already operated in the segment, Soluções Usiminas arose in 2010, as one of the most important companies in the Country in the transformation and distribution of steel. With modern processing infrastructure, the company is prepared to serve, in a customized manner, the demands of diverse market segments in any quantity and format.






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