Instituto Cultural Usiminas (Usiminas Cultural Institute)

Access to culture and sports are fundamental factors in the construction of citizenship and a pillar of sustaining relevant transformations in our society. With this vision, since 1993, the Instituto Cultural Usiminas (ICU) has been acting in the support and foment of projects connected to this line of activities in the regions where Usiminas is present.

One of the biggest cultural sponsor in the state of Minas Gerais and in Brazil, it has already invested R$ 250 million, generating around 1.8 thousand projected sponsored.
The ICU makes projects possible by means of the Federal Cultural Incentive Law, the Audiovisual Law and state cultural incentive laws in the states of Minas Gerais and in São Paulo (PROAC), in addition to the Federal Sports Incentive Law.


Cultural spaces

Besides sponsoring cultural and sports projects, the Instituto Cultural Usiminas is responsible for managing cultural spaces, besides developing programs and elaborating its own projects.

Learn about the space managed by the ICU :

Zélia Olguin TheatreUsiminas Cultural Center

Usiminas Cultural Circuit

Held since 2010, the Usiminas Cutlural Circuit is an important initiative for the democratization of culture and takes workshops, film exhibitions, music, circus and theater presentations to the regional communities close to the company’s plants.

More than 250 presentations for a public of over 70 thousand people have been made. In addition to bringing culture to communities that many time do not have a permanent artistic structure, the Circuit further works to quality these communities for production in the cultural area.


Colégio São Francisco Xavier (São Francisco Xavier High School)

The Colégio São Francisco Xavier promotes the formation of the human being and the construction of citizenry, keeping with the ethical principles of autonomy, responsibility, solidarity and respect for the common welfare for more than half a century. The history of the Colégio São Francisco Xavier is based on the direct participation of teachers, students, families and society. Giving continuity to this partnership is a fundamental commitment for the consolidation of success.


Administered by the São Francisco Xavier Foundation, the social arm instituted by Usiminas, the Colégio São Francisco Xavier was the first educational institution in Brazil to obtain ISO 9001, consolidating the management of processes by continuous improvement in an educational environment.

Additionally, the School expanded its services to include Nursing, Laboratory Analysis, Mechanics, kindergarten, courses in English and Spanish and an MBA in Health Organization.

Annually dependents of employees can compete for scholarships, which give them discounts in the montly fess of the school.

Professional Qualification

With the objective of generating opportunities for professional qualification in the Vale do Aço (the Steel Valley region), facilitating insertion of young people into the labor market, Usiminas and Senai signed a partnership that generated one of the largest qualification centers in the Country in the city of Ipatinga, MG.

The company signed a 10-year lease, without charge, space in the Professional Development Center (PDC) at the Ipatinga Plant. On the part of Senai, it has made investments in modernizing the facilities with the construction of new laboratories, implanting new courses and purchasing equipment, in addition to absorbing administrative and maintenance expenses of the space.

Today, there are around 1,900 students in the training center facilities, receiving educational theory and practical courses in areas like welding, mechanical and electrical maintenance, machining and boilermaking, among others.

Mantiqueira Project

With the Mantiqueira Project, Usiminas promotes and makes possible citizens’ rights with a focus on environmental awareness for children and adolescents from the Pedreira da Mantiqueira community, close to the Cubatão Plant, SP, since 2003.

These young people are encouraged to practice several socio-educational activities by means of civics classes, academic reinforcement and computer classes. Additionally, they take part in art, culture, sports, dance and environmental awareness workshops.

To Usiminas, volunteer work is, above all, the commitment for building a better world, a path of seeking awareness in persons, of mobilizing in favor of human rights and so many other actions in benefit of the communities.

See the results of our work:

Day V

Day V is a day dedicated to rendering volunteer services to institutions that need some type of help. Together, collaborators identify the demands of the community and promote collective action of social transformation. Day V happens on the last Sunday of August and counts on the registry of more than a thousand volunteers, among employees, parents and friends, and directly benefits around 5,000 people. The commitment of the team of collaborators is so great that the actions repeats itself several time during the year on specific occasions.

The Blanket Campaing

The project happens in all the companies of the Usiminas group and has the objective of supporting volunteers in by donating warm clothing and blankets, in addition to distributing them among the entities and needy families in surrounding communities. Since the beginning of the Campaign, more than 300 thousand donations have been made. At present, the Project serves more than 300 entities distributed around the Vale do Aço, Baixada Santista, Belo Horizonte, region of Mineração Usiminas and Soluções Usiminas. In the last few years, the Vale do Aço has counted on a special novelty: the direct participation of the community. Interested parties could exchange donations for tree saplings. The actions reinforced the donations, which reached 1,036.

The Solidarity Christmas Tree Project

The event has occurred in the Ipatinga Plant since 2010, where the company’s management “sponsors” children and adolescents received by the shelters in the Vale do Aço, allowing them to have a moment of leisure and fun, receiving Christmas presentes. The event is marked by play, distribution of snacks, presents and a visit by Santa Claus.

Christmas Solidarity  Campaing

Support to entities in the Vale do Aço and Baixada Santista and Mining region in gathering and distributing food and toy donations to entities and needy families in the surrounding communites. At the last event, held in Ipatinga, Mine and Cubatão, around 50 thousand donations were received and distributed by more than 200 entities.

Hospital Márcio Cunha

The commitment to serve a population of more than 785 thousands inhabitants in Eastern Minas Gerais makes Hospital Márcio Cunha (HMC) a benchmark in the health area in all of Brazil.

Administered by Fundação São Francisco Xavier, the social arm instituted by Usiminas, the MCH has been a success story since its founding in 1962. It was the first hospital entity in the Country to obtain the certificate Accreditation with Excellence by the National Accreditation Organization (NAC).


The third hospital in Minas Gerais in number of SUS (Federal Health System) hospitalizations, the MCH has 527 beds, divided into two units in Ipatinga. It is accredited to attend high complexity cases and ambulatory, emergency, hospitalization and diagnostics services.

Additionally, it has an exclusive units for oncology patients, a regional reference in combating cancer for around one million inhabitants. In 2012, 33 thousand hospitalization were registered in MCH’s facilities, with more than 60% of the hospitalizations made through SUS.

More health

In 2013, the MCH concluded investments of R$ 28.5 million in expanding its emergency services, increasing the number of normal beds and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), creation of new exam rooms and purchase of new equipment, including an Imaging Diagnostics Center.

By 2015, the outlay of more than R$ 22 million is planned, totaling an amount of more the R$50 million in improvements in structure and services. The amount is sourced from the Fundação São Francisco Xavier itself, and financing from the BNDES and repasses from the State and Federal governments.

These investments mark a new phase in the history of excellence and commitment to health in the region. The projects increase the offer of treatments and perfect the quality of assistance rendered to patients in the SUS and Health Plans.

Integrated Odontology Center

The Integrated Odontology Center develops an extensive prevention program that acts in the control of cavities and gum disease of its users in the Vale do Aço. With the work, the FSFX, which runs the Center, contributes to Ipatinga as a city with one of the lowest cavities rates in the country.

The Center has 31 treatment units distributed in three clinics: the Dental Health Promotion Clinic, the Basic Dentral Restoriation Clinic and the Specialized Clinic. All of the facilities, besides contributing to oral health, promote accessible cost.


Operating for more than 20 years in the complementary health plan market, the Usisaúde is today one of the largest health plan operators in the State of Minas Gerais.

With more than 140 thousand customers all over the country, Usisaúde offers high quality medical and hospital assistance by means of an ample, qualified medical services network. There are more than 4 thousand directly accredited doctors and more than 200 hospitals in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio Grande do Sul.

Usisaúde is the first operator in Minas Gerais to receive the ISO 9001:2008 by DNV – Det Norske Veritas since 2005. It is also administered by the FSFX.


Xerimbabo Usiminas

Created in 1984, the Xerimbabo Project has helped to elevate the concept of harmony between Man and his environment through environmental promotion, conservation and education for Brazilian children and young people, free of charge.

It all begins with the presentation of the theme chosen from suggestions made by participants from the previous year. Activities go on with seminars for educators, afterwards arriving at the classroom with essay and drawing contests. In the last stage, the most awaited moment arrives: the visitation to the Usipa Biodiversity Center exhibitions, in Ipatinga, and at the Usiminas Biodiversity Center in Itatiaiuçu.


Actions and events containing experiences and experiments by means of techniques and thematic ideas also stimulate the pedagogical development of professionals who act directly in young peoples’ education. The entire project is considered in a trans-disciplinary context based on three principles: environmental ethics, sustainability and preservation of the species.

For nearly 30 years, the project has received more than two million children and young people from the public school system from different places in Brazil. These partners are directly responsible for the success of this initiative.

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