The beginning of the Usiminas value chain is represented by Mineração Usiminas, a joint venture formed in 2010 through a partnership with Japanese group Sumitomo Corporation.

Responsible for the mining operations, in addition to rail and port transportation, the company possesses four mining properties in the Serra Azul region, in the state of Minas Gerais. In addition to extracting iron ore, the company has pellet feed and sinter feed processing plants. Its production is destined for Usiminas’ own consumption in its steel plants and also for export and domestic market.

Mineração Usiminas also possesses capital in MRS Logística and land on Sepetiba Bay in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Concluded the investments that will expand the present installed capacity from 8 million tons/year to 12 million tons/year, the company relies on cutting edge technology to fully utilizes its ore in its diverse iron contents. Learn more about the Friables Project.

ISO 9001

Mineração Usiminas possesses ISSO 9001 certification, from do Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC). The recognition is the result of the adoption of international Standards on the part of the company in the management of quality processes and customer services.

Important investments permit Mineração Usiminas to make great strides of capacity from 8 million tons/year to 12 million tons/year of iron ore. Gaining this new level is due to the implantation of the Friables Project, which seek to obtain high quality ore, with less impurities and higher levels of iron.

The Friables Project is formed by two ore processing plants: the Ore Treatment Facility (OTF) Samambaia, in the Eastern Mine, and the Flotation Ore Treatment Facility, in the Central Mine.

Samambaia OTF is divided into two circuits: dry, which involves crushing, screening and piling of the ore; and humid, which will concentrate the material and generate sinter feed, ore formed by particulates between 6.35mm and 0.15mm. This product will go to the sinterization plants in the steel mill, where it is transformed into sinter and used to make up the metallic load of the blast furnaces.

Flotation OTF will receive part of the material from the Samambaia OTF, as well as gross tailings from settling ponds to produce pellet feed, which has finer particulates, below 0.15mm, which will be obtained by a flotation concentration process, followed by vacuum filtering, generating the final concentrate with Iron > 65% and humidity of around 10%.

Mineração Usiminas has four mining properties in the Serra Azul region, in the state of Minas Gerais. The company also has capital share in MRS Logística and land at the Sepetiba Bay in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

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With the objective of contributing to the education and development of citizenry, Mineração Usiminas contributes to environmental education through community projects, show that it believes in actions that transform the environment we live in and Man himself. They are actions that seek to develop abilities and attitudes in favor of preserving the environment, helping to form a sustainable society.

To achieve this work, the company has a structured area for promotion of environmental educational, the Usiminas Biodiversity Center (Cebus) in the city of Itatiaiuçu, MG. This green area annually hosts the Xerimbabo Project which takes knowledge and awareness to the community in a fun, enjoyable manner. At Cebus, young people from the schools in the region and population as a whole can also learn more about sustainable development, biodiversity, natural resources and what each one of us can to for the planet.

  • The Xerimbabo Project, in its fourth year in Itatiaiuçu, has already received almost 20 thousand visitors from more than 40 learning institutions from around 11 cities in the region.
  • At Cebus, Mineração Usiminas has a plant nursery, where reforestation saplings are grown. The place produces around 14 thousand saplings every year.
  • In 2012, 11 thousand saplings were planted and donated to environmental projects and to the community surrounding the company.