Soluções Usiminas

Soluções Usiminas, created in 2010, has a modern steel processing infrastructure and is prepared to meet the demands of several market segments in any quantity and shape. With a wide portfolio of products, services and integrated logistics, Soluções Usiminas is able to serve customers throughout the country. Founded by the union of leading companies in the steel transformation and distribution sector, it works with materials manufactured by Usiminas plants, adding services such as cutting and welding, logistics and the adaptation of volumes to the needs of each business, regardless of size. The steel distributed by Soluções Usiminas is present in everything in our day by day, with the following use features:
Usiminas Mecânica

Auto parts and Stamping

Soluções Usiminas

Automotive Sector

Bicicletas e Motocicletas

Bicycles and Motorcycles

Eletrodomésticos e Utilidades Domésticas

Household Appliances and Utilities

Setor Energético

Energy Sector

Máquinas e Implementos Agrícolas e Rodoviários

Agricultural & Road Equipment and Implements

Acessibilidade e Mobiliário Urbano

Accessibility and Urban Furniture

Construção Civil

Construction Industry



  Products and services that meet the most rigorous market requirements Flat Steel soluções Usiminas distributes the entire line of steel sold by Usiminas, with special possibilities for customers who need to acquire volumes lower than the minimum available by the Plants. Our main products are:




Conjuntos soldados a laser

Laser welded Sets

Chapas grossas

Heavy Plates

Laminados a quente

Hot Rolled

Laminados a frio

Cold Rolled



Galvanizados por Imersão a Quente (HDG)

(HDG) Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)

Pipes/Profiles Carbon steel pipes with longitudinal seam offered by Soluções Usiminas are produced under the most rigorous technical control at each stage, ensuring a final product that meets the appropriate specification. Our main products are:
Tubos estruturais (redondos / quadrados / retangulares / outros formatos) Structural pipes (round / square / rectangular / other shapes)
Tubos condutores de fluídos não corrosivos (água / óleo / vapor gás) pretos e galvanizados Black and galvanized non corrosive fluid conducting pipes (water / oil / steam gas) 
Services Soluções Usiminas offers customized products, in any quantity and size.   Our main services are:
  • Offline Washing;
  • Plates Stretch Forming
Usiminas Solutions differentials for your business
  • Exclusive pre and post-sale advisory service;
  • Flexible payment conditions;
  • Development of new products;
  • Trained and qualified technical assistance;
  • Traceability: all material is controlled, at all stages;
  • Immediate or scheduled delivery time;
Integrated Logistics With seven business units in four Brazilian states and the largest mix of steel products and services, Soluções Usiminas is close to large business centers, which allows more efficiency in the logistics process and in its deliveries. Do you still have questions about our products and services? Please contact Soluções Usiminas Southeast/Center West: (55 31) 3649-3000 North/Northeast: (55 81) 3527-5400 Regional São Paulo: (55 11) 2464-3639  

Integrated Management Commitment

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