Usiminas Mecânica

Quality, technological stringent requirements and innovation in each project “Usiminas Mecânica” has a strategic role in adding value to Usiminas steel by providing capital goods and services. It offers complete, innovative and customized solutions, adapting the service according to the specific demand of each job, which makes it a reference for the execution of large industrial equipment and assembly projects.     Creative and innovative solutions for a wide range of industries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steel Industry
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Primary Industry
  • Transport
  • Infrastructure
Whatever the industrial segment may be, Usiminas Mecânica is ready for the challenge. Equipment and assemblies that meet the most stringent market requirements To serve each client with excellence, the company offers solutions in an integrated manner, from project design to production of parts and final assembly.   Bridges Bridges with steel structures present fundamental differentials in projects, such as lower costs in foundations, since the material is lighter than concrete. And the benefits do not stop there: the steel parts present better standardization, durability and less environmental impact in the works.       Metallic Structures They are present in buildings, malls, stadiums and so much more. They are delivered in shorter deadlines with high construction efficiency and allow lighter projects and effective load reduction, leveling, plumbing and the perfect square.     Blanks Have you heard about that wind tower or the truck body? Well, they all have the work of Usiminas Mecânica. With state-of-the-art equipment, the company has the capacity to process 5 thousand tons per month.       Industrial Assemblies From North to South, Usiminas Mecânica is present in the assembly of large undertakings that drive the development in the country. The company has the expertise of those who follow each stage of the project in detail and adapt it to meet the needs of the customer.        Industrial Equipment Usiminas Mecânica produces equipment for the main segments of the national base industry, offering quality in competitive solutions and appropriate to the needs of each customer.       Casting Usiminas Mecânica Plant produces large parts such as truck frames, rings, crusher casings, test rigs and mainframes. Small parts for the railway segment also receive special care such as railroad bogies, mill linings, engine housings, among others.    

Product Catalogue

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