To be an innovative steel making group with global reach and to grow in a sustainable manner to position itself among the most profitable in the industry.

Corporate Values

People: Usiminas trusts in people and applies the concepts of autonomy, cooperation and commitment.

Consistency: Usiminas is trustworthy and solid. It is consistent in its actions and long-term vision.

Technique: Usiminas dominates its knowledge and knowhow, in addition to knowledge and experience to execute and solve.

Care: Usiminas’ viewpoint is particular, from the details to the whole.

Openness: Usiminas is receptive and transparent. It is curious and at disposal for the construction and execution of ideas.

Board of Directors

Antonio MendesElias de Matos BritoKazuhiro EgawaLuiz Carlos de MirandaOscar Montero MartinezRita Rebelo Horta de Assis FonsecaRonald SeckelmannRuy Roberto Hirschheimer

Executive Board

Sergio Leite de Andrade – CEOMiguel Angel Homes Camejo - Comercial Vice-President OfficerAlberto Akikazu Ono - Finance and Investor Relations Vice-PresidentKohei Kimura - Technology and Quality Vice-President OfficerTakahiro Mori - Corporate Planning Vice-President OfficerTulio Cesar do Couto Chipoletti - Industrial Vice-President Officer

Usiminas’ shares are listed on the BM&FBOVESPA, with codes USIM3, USIM5 and USIM6, New York (OTC), with Level 1 ADRs, under code USNZY, and Madrid (Latibex) under codes XUSI and XUSIO. Usiminas’ shares are part of some of the main indexes in the market.

Presently, the voting shares are constituted as follows:


The Code of Conduct has the purpose of orienting the relationship of Usiminas with its internal and external publics. All of the employees, representatives and service providers should act according to the principles contained in this document, as well as observing and respecting the prevailing law in the places where the company maintains its activities.

To access the Usiminas Code of Conduct, click here.


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