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Produce and commercialize iron ore from quality with safety and respect for the environment is our commitment.

Introdução - Mineração Usiminas

About us

The company was born in 2010 stemming from a joint venture between Usiminas and the Japanese group Sumitomo Corporation. When it started its operation the focus was on meeting the demands of Usiminas only, however currently MUSA holds the position of a major iron ore supplier for both the domestic and the international market. Offering high quality iron ore using innovation and technology without losing sight of security and respect for the environment are some of the main goals of Mineração Usiminas S/A (MUSA).

Corporate Governance

Alberto Akikazu Ono Chairman Americo Ferreira Neto Toshihiro Miyakoshi Gino Ritagliati Shimpei Nitta Nobuhiro Yoshida

Carlos Héctor Rezzonico Chief Executive Officer Hiroyuki Matsumoto Development Director Marcelo Hector Barreiro Chief Financial Officer
Current shareholding structure Click here to see MUSA’s 2019 Management Report.

Mineração Usiminas – History


Focus on the client


Our main products

Granulado ou Lump Ore


Higher sized ore (between 32 mm and 6.3 mm), used directly in the blast furnaces of steel plants for the production of pig iron.
Sinter Feed

Sinter feed (SFMU):

A finer iron ore (between 6.3 mm and 0.15 mm) agglomerated via a sintering process to enable its use by the steel blast furnaces as a sinter.
Pellet Feed

Pellet feed (CCMU):

The finest of the three types of iron ore (smaller than 0.15 mm), obtained after the flotation and magnetic separation process. It can be mixed with the sinter feed or used directly in the sintering process or it can also be used to feed the pelletizing process that converts the iron ore fines into the pellets that will be used in the steel plants.
Production background
Between 2015 and 2017 the mining sector was heavily impacted by the economic downturn that has brought about a decline in consumption and in the price of iron ore.Sales background Between 2015 and 2017 the mining sector was heavily impacted by the economic downturn that has brought about a decline in consumption and in the price of iron ore.

Mineração Usiminas footprint today

A presença da Mineração Usiminas hoje
For nearly a decade Mineração Usiminas has been working with its partners and the municipality of Itatiaiuçu in the quest for the development of the company and of the region. The company is one of the largest employers in the region bringing benefits to the city where it is located as well as to several others such as Itaúna, Mateus Leme and Igarapé. Today the plant employs over 2,400 people between its own employees and outsourced service providers substantially cooperating with the economy of the surrounding municipalities. According to the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE in the Portuguese Acronym) the per capita GDP of Itatiaiuçu in 2017 was R$ 87.446,99 (BRL), almost three-fold higher than Brazil’s per capita GDP that stood at R$ 31.833,50 (BRL). Mineração Usiminas has four mines in operation in the Serra Azul Region, located in the Iron Quadrangle of the State of Minas Gerais. In addition it also has a stake in MRS Logística shareholding capital. Location of the mines:

Work with us

Trabalhe conosco

Picture taken before the Covid-19 Pandemic

The people are one of the main pillars of Mineração Usiminas. We consider our over 2,400 collaborators comprised of both our employees and the service providers the company’s most valuable asset and we strive to invest in their development and recognition. If you are searching for opportunities to develop your full potential in a sound company, send your résumé to the following email address: selecao.mineracao@usiminas.com. Your résumé will be included in our data base, waiting for potential job opportunities. If any job opening matches your profile we will contact you.


The communities in the Itatiaiuçu region maintain an open dialogue with Mineração Usiminas. The company holds meetings with the residents of the area surrounding the plant from time to time to convey relevant information to them in addition to listening to them, giving them space to clarify their doubts, hear their criticisms and suggestions. Mineração Usiminas is a member of the Association of Mining Companies of Serra Azul (AMISA in the Portuguese acronym). Together with other companies that are members of the association, we develop actions targeted at the communities focused on transparency and on the sustainable development of the region. See the actions and relationship channels of MUSA with the community:
Encontro com as comunidades


Schedule of meetings with the six communities surrounding the mine.
Time de suporte


A support team was set up in the self-rescue zone to help the disabled residents of the area in the event of any emergency situation in the dams.
Conhecendo a mineração


A planned visit program for the relatives of collaborators and schools in the region to learn about the mining process in a playful way.
Fale conosco


Toll Free Telephone Number 0800 979 79 70 or contact by the email faleconosco.mineração@usiminas.compara to clarify doubts and make complaints and requests.
Fala Aí, comunidade!


A WhatsApp line for a quick and direct communication with the communities. Send a WhatsApp to (31) 9.8395-3435.
Usiminas de portas abertas


A visiting program for communities, organizations and students interested in getting to know the Usiminas companies.

Watch the video showing MUSA’s main actions during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Main projects


In June 2020 Mineração Usiminas obtained the environmental license for deploying the Filtered Tailing Disposal System also known as “Dry Stacking”. With the release granted by the State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD in the Portuguese acronym), the company estimates that in 2021 it will stop using dams, thus fulfilling one more commitment undertaken with the communities and with all of us, the collaborators. The studies related to this project started back in 2016. Four years were devoted to the development of the Engineering Project and others related to Environmental Management to ensure the sustainability and safety of the processes, which are fundamental values of our company. The new system will improve the destination of the tailings derived from the iron ore processing. These materials will be sent to the filtering plant where part of the water will be removed and then return to the production process. The filtered tailings will be carried by a conveyor belt and will be stacked and taken to the dry stacking area where they will be compacted. The project also includes the revegetation of these soils. Another benefit contemplated is the increase in the level of water recirculation with significant benefits to the environment.


The Compacts Project, with a feasibility study at an advanced stage, seeks to perpetuate the activities and the production of the mines at the plant in Itatiaiuçu. The main axis of the project is the exploration of lower-grade iron ores, thus diversifying Mineração Usiminas current mining model.

Up-to-date with the environment

Em dia com o meio ambiente To Mineração Usiminas, offering a high-grade iron ore is as important as ensuring that our operation is in line with the best environmental practices. In keeping with this mindset, MUSA’s preservation area is 7.15 times greater than the company’s operation area. The water reuse rate of our operation was 92% in 2019.

Commitment to ensure the safety of our dams

Segurança das barragens Mineração Usiminas currently has three dams: Central, Somisa and Samambaia. All of them possess a declaration of stability, as per the technical reports issued by foreign certification agencies. The structures are monitored 24 hours a day by a team of experts using a state-of-the art equipment that provide a real time follow-up. MUSA has committed itself to put an end to the cycle of using traditional structures and this will be possible when the Dry Stacking Project (mentioned above) starts its dry stacking operation.

Integrated Control Center

The safety of its operation and of the communities is a top priority for Mineração Usiminas. A good example of this concern is the total redesign of the Integrated Control Center. The cutting-edge technology used by a qualified team allows a 24-hour daily monitoring and encompasses the automation of the dam monitoring instruments. Modern pieces of equipment also provide the technicians with a better view of the strategic areas and of any movements that can take place at the structures. They consist of 42 monitors and 3 panels that display all processes of the Mineração Usiminas in real time.
Centro de Controle Integrado
Equipe de apoio

Support Team at the Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS in the Portuguese acronym)

Since June 2019, a support team hired by Mineração Usiminas remains on duty to give assistance to the residents of the Self-Rescue Zones (ZAS in the Portuguese acronym) in case of any emergency at the dams. It is comprised of 16 civilian firemen on call 24 hours a day divided into two teams working in shifts. The disabled residents or those with reduced mobility were identified and registered in advance to allow for an optimized assistance if need be. These professionals perform daily rounds and recognition visits to the properties/homes mapped out in addition to checking daily the Escape Routes and Meeting Points.

Simulation by an external body

Mineração Usiminas teaming with the other companies that are members of the Association of Mining Companies of Serra Azul (AMISA in the Portuguese acronym) also conducted in 2019 the 1st External Simulation of Dam Emergency. The initiative involved about 250 residents of Curtume, Samambaia, Vieiras and Pinheiros with a great support of the population, governments, and security agents. The drills followed the Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level (APELL) procedure of the United Nations Organization (UN) with strict regulations for their execution and have simulated the hypothetical situation of a level 2 emergency action of seven dams simultaneously. The external simulation is part of the Emergency Action Plan for Mining Dams (PAEBM in the Portuguese acronym).


  • Four communities involved;
  • 250 residents of the region went to the meeting points;
  • 150 collaborators of the mining companies of the region were involved;
  • Simultaneous and unique drill in a hypothetical situation of a level 2 emergency action of seven dams at the same time.
Yet the simulation has not been performed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Simulado externo

Picture taken before the Covid-19 pandemic

See information on the dams of Mineração Usiminas:

Mineração Usiminas is responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of its iron ore tailings dams. We currently have three dams but only one of them, Samambaia, is still active. All dams are operated according to the legal safety regulations and are constantly monitored by an expert team.
Dams information
Detailed information about the outsourced companies Detailed information about the outsourced companies Results of the analysis and monitoring of the degree of humidity and dam level, with the respective Technical Responsibility Note (A.R.T.) Results of the analysis and monitoring of the degree of humidity and dam level, with the respective Technical Responsibility Note (A.R.T.) Biannual analysis of water and dust from tailings, with the respective Technical Responsibility Note (A.R.T.) Análise semestral da água Partículas totais em suspensão e Partículas Inaláveis Dams Stability Status Statement Declaração de Condição de Estabilidade Barragens Somisa Declaração de Condição de Estabilidade Barragens Central Declaração de Condição de Estabilidade Barragem Samambaia